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A new mobile app that might change the way people connect to their social media accounts has been launched by an American student of the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota. A 20-year-old Daniel Everist has launched a mobile app that aims to connect popular social media accounts into one platform.

The app, called Sprouter, connects the most popular social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Spotify, Pinterest, and VSCO. Users sync their accounts with Sprouter and create one username. Then, when meeting someone new, users can share their Sprouter username and give access to multiple accounts.

The app, ‘Sprouter,’ helps one connect to various social media accounts with just one touch. Daniel was in Shangri-La Hotel, along with his one-time teacher Manoj Patil, who is now a teacher as well as an entrepreneur, to give details of the app that is already being used by thousands in the United States.
How Daniel Everist dreamed about Sprouter App?

It was in a cramped dorm room (hostel) that Mr. Everist first realized this idea could work. He was a freshman at the University of St. Thomas and surrounded by his friends all introducing each other. Soon each one started adding the other on social media giving the different usernames. Mr. Daniel then wondered if there could be an easier way to log into all accounts at once. “The idea took a year to take shape, and that’s how Sprouter was born,” Mr. Everist said.

It is precisely after one year ‘Sprouter’ is reality and available on Google Play and the App Store. This Sprouter is for all youngsters, students, businesspeople and others very conducive to operate. It is ‘Bazaar of Social Media’ said Manoj Patil addressing the media at the Shangrila Hotel on Saturday night.

Mr. Manoj Patil said their plan is to add at least one new feature every month and get as many social media users under Sprouter. After this formal launch for India in Bengaluru, the plan is to get it launched in the United Kingdom, he said.

Why is Sprouter so Special?

There is no other app like this in the world. It is available for Apple, Android, and other tools. Apple took a lot of time to scrutinize on the operating system and finally approved great work of Mr. Daniel Everist.

‘Sprouter’ is the new app of this generation, the privacy aspects are also well taken care of.  Grow your network, and it is easy platform called ‘Sprouter’ that connects people in a quick span of time.

Meantime, Daniel Everist and his mother Juliet Everist, on their 10-day visit to the nation, enjoyed the Indian culture and the Indian hospitality.

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