Stay at EKHO Safari, Tissamaharama Srilanka

Tissamaharama is a small town in Hamantota District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka which was capital of Sinhalese Kingdom of Ruhuha. Later after excavations, it was found that there were Tamil Brahmins present here as the archaeologists can notice a Tamil Brahmin inscription described in Tamil which was excavated in the southern region of the south of Tissamaharama.

Known for its sophisticated irrigation system, Tissamaharama has large artificial lake constructed by Kings of Ruhuha to provide water for the residents of their kingdom, currently, there are 5 lakes in Tissamaharama namely Tissa Wewa; Yoda Wewa; Weerawila Wewa; Pannegamuwa Wewa; and Debarawewa Wewa and are one of the tourist destination place.

Today Tissamaharama is a town and acts as a starting point to Yala National Park and Kataragama which is pilgrimage town.

EKHO Safari is one of the best places to stay at Tissamaharama as it provides a tranquil view of the ancient Tissa Wewa lake. The hotel first started operation in the year 1967 and is now restored to a comfortable and beautiful lake view hotel.

EKHO Safari is located around 260km from Colombo and can be visited by taxi ride which takes about 3 hours. The hotel is situated near to Tissa Wewa lake and is near to Wirawila Tissa Sanctuary which is situated around 5km and Yala National Park which is situated around 10km from EKHO Safari.

The hotel has been decorated with modern interiors and amenities having 33 Deluxe, 14 Deluxe Lake view and 3 suites.

Deluxe Rooms: With warm shades of brown interiors, the deluxe room is equipped with Air Conditioned rooms with a flat-screen TV, rain-shower, personal safe, minibar and view of the pool which leads to Tissa Lake. The interiors are well decorated with modern and chic interiors and the rooms are spacious.

Deluxe Lake View Rooms:The rooms are spacious and have some luxurious interiors decorated in warm notes of brown colour. The Deluxe Lake View room has access to the view of the Tissa Lake and all the rooms are air-conditioned with a flat-screen TV, rain-shower, personal safe, minibar and fully equipped bathroom with bath amenities.

Suites:These rooms offer the best place to view Tissa Lake with additional living space and dining facility. The guests staying here have access to the room providing modern amenities and en-suite bathroom and spacious living area where they can enjoy the day looking through the great artificial lake of Tissamaharama. The suites have access to air-condition rooms with a flat-screen TV, rain-shower, personal safe, minibar and fully equipped bathroom with bath amenities.

The hotels first floor occupies the place for dining area and restaurant where you can enjoy Intercontinental and Island cuisine. The outdoor dining area offers a great view of Tissa Lake. The breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in the restaurant along with some of your favourite drinks.

Guests here can enjoy pool access which leads view of Tissa Lake and also Nirogi Spa which Nirogi translates to perfect health without diseases. The Nirogi Spa at EKHO Safari offers a variety of soothing aromatic and essence treatments where you can take rest after a long day of travel.

Guests here can enjoy some of the offers available if you book directly from their website which can be helpful for you while you can save some amount and also enjoy your day touring nearby destination from the hotel.



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  1. A beautiful serene environment for a mind that will be love to relax like mine. I will love to have a vacation at EKHO Safari, Tissamaharama Srilanka. Going on a vacation to a nice spot is good business too.

  2. I love Sri Lanka..I have never been to ekho safari before..thanks for this write,I know what to expect their

  3. How I love artificial lakes and night safari. I will love to visit EKHO safari if opportunity presents itself. It seems getting a place for fun is so easy now at least with sites like this.

  4. The tranquil view of the ancient Tissa Wewa lake makes EKHO Safari one of the best places to stay at Tissamaharama. Thanks for sharing

  5. To be sincere you are the best MACRO TRAVELLER. Your picture views of nice places to visit are well communicating. EKHO Safari is going to be a lovely place to be too. Thanks for this post.

  6. Great room and dining options. The EKHO Safari definitely seems like a must see tourist and archeological destination in Sri Lanka. The pool access and essence treatments look insanely hard to beat!

  7. My favorite part of the Ekho Safari is definitely the garden. It looks so peaceful and serene. I could spend the whole day there.

  8. The rooms are so spacious and clean. The Ekho Safari sure is welcoming. Any tourist would have the time of their life here.

  9. What I love most about the Ekho Safari is that it looks like a home away from home. The stellar service and pristine environment is sure to make anyone feel like they are right at home 🙂

  10. Now this is more like it. The other spot was rustic and closer to nature but the atmosphere is a bit off at night since I did not see any lights. This however feels more of a hotel. I love that. I would choose this one.

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