Stay at Trinco Blu by Cinnamon in Trincomalee, Srilanka

Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, launched in the year 2005 are one of a stylish chain of a diverse gateway which will provide a unique experience for the tourists staying at their chain of hotels. Cinnamon Hotels are there in the hospitality industry for over a decade and is one of the trusted brands of hotels in Sri Lanka. They have a various chain of hotels spread across different tourist places in Sri Lanka out of which Trinco Blu is one such hotel.

Trinco Blu named after the place where the hotel is located, an upscale hotel located just 4miles north of Trincomalee on the charming eastern shores where you can sit back and relax at the beach or hop on to the beach to explore some of the adrenaline rush by doing adventure activities like surfing, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, whale and dolphin watching. Previously a 70’s resort, Trinco Blu has been transformed with more modern and chic design and offers its guests a luxury and memorable stay. This hotel offers guests with deluxe, superior and suite along with a world-class restaurant where the guests can have a quaint dinner beside the ocean.

Located along the coast of Uppuveli Beach, North of Trincomalee offers a beautiful beach with marine animals around which makes your stay memorable. Around 257km distance from Colombo, the nearest airport is Colombo International Airport. The place can be visited via Motor Road, Railways and even air taxis which can be accessed to visit Trinco Blu.

In total there are 81 rooms provided for the guests who are visiting this hotel and all the rooms are luxurious and are suitable for travellers visiting this region. The rooms are divided into Deluxe, Superior, Suite and Chalet.

The Deluxe room: The Deluxe Room is suitable for a family of 4 and is located near to the beach. The beach from Deluxe room are easily accessible by walk and you can enjoy your stay here with the rooms decorated lavishly with plush interiors. In total there are 36 air-conditioned Deluxe room where they offer amenities such as TV with DVD and video player, Safe deposit box, minibar, Wi-Fi access, Tea and coffee making machines and Bath toiletries. The view from the room is worth to stay here as you wake up amid the nature hearing bird sounds every morning along with sounds of the ocean.

The Superior Room: With its denim blue look along with vibrant orange interiors, the superior room is a place that provides you with breathtaking views of the ocean. You can stay luxurious in these 43 rooms which are decorated as per modern interior designs. Suitable for a family of 4 this room provides amenities such as Bath toiletries, TV with DVD and video player, Safe deposit box, minibar, tea and coffee making machine and Wi-Fi Access. Some rooms have a view of the swimming pool which makes you take a dip in the pool on a humid sunny day.

Suite: With spacious living place designed with pristine interiors and plush living space, the suite offers ultimate comfort for the guests who wish to stay here at Trinco Blu. The suite here speaks serenity all the way be it at the living room or the bedroom, with a breathtaking view of Indian Ocean this place is where you wake up to the sound of the ocean and enjoy the little things which nature can offer and what these trips make you memorable. Amenities provided in the Suite Include Bath toiletries, TV with DVD and video player, Safe deposit box, minibar, tea and coffee making machine, bathrobes and slippers and Wi-Fi Access.

Beach Chalets: As the name suggests, this place is located near to the beach so you might guess how staying at Beach Chalets will be while you wake up. With over 36 Chalets designed with modern interiors along with plush bedding, this place offers ultimate comfort for the people who wish to stay here. Amenities provided here include Bath toiletries, TV with DVD and video player, Safe deposit box, minibar, tea and coffee making machine, bathrobes and slippers and Wi-Fi Access.

All the Superior, Beach Chalets and Suites have a private balcony with the option of sunbed present only for Beach chalet room the stay at Trinco Blu is worth experiencing.

There are many dining venues in Trinco Blu where you can try local and international cuisines. “Captains Deck” is one of the dining venues which has a spacious dining area and offers some of the best international cuisines and they offer buffet-style food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This place is quite spacious and can hold many such tourists as such. Another restaurant “The Crab” offers delectable types of Crab and other seafood in their A-la-carte menu where you can enjoy your meal along with soft breeze from the ocean and subliminal sunsets.

“The Rum Hold” is a watering hole of Trinco Blu where they offer their guests various local and imported spirits, cocktails and fresh fruit juices. Overlooking the ocean, the rum hold provides its guests to view beautiful surrounding while they are drinking their favourite beverage.

Trinco Blu by Cinnamon has a large infinity pool overlooking the ocean where there is a wooden deck that reaches towards the ocean. Here you can enjoy your day swimming in cool water after you come back from your hectic travel. If you have a mood of deep-sea diving or scuba diving, Trinco Blu offers you a PADI certified diving instructor with whom you can explore the pristine Indian Ocean.

If you are In mood to explore once you reach the hotel, then fret not as the excursion counter at your hotel provides you some local must-visit places such as the famed pigeon island where you can go for dolphin/whale watching experience or you can help the locals with their day to day activities or you can explore historical and cultural sites of Trincomalee.

You can also book your meetings, seminar or any other corporate events at Lighthouse Conference Hall located near the beach which offers you pristine views and they are a photographic perfect place. With white sand beaches and the sound of ocean waves, this place can handle over 40 guests based on the requirement.

If you are in and around Trincomalee area in Sri Lanka, then Trinco Blu is a perfect place to stay for your dream vacation.



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  2. Thanjs for this wonderful insight, MacroTraveller. Reading through this post, i have come to understand that – Cinnamon Hotel is there in the hospitality industry for over a decade and it is one of the most trusted hotel in Sri Lanka. Trust is the most important thing I keeping your clients.

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