Stay experience in Heritance Kandalama Srilanka

Heritance Kandalama is an upscale hotel tocated in Dambulla, Sri Lanka. Nestled in midst of serene mountainside from where Kandalama Lake and Sigiriya Rock Fortress is visible from the hotel. Here they provide luxury stay to its visitors along with peaceful ambience and sophistication. Set amidst tropical forests of Dambulla the guests will be pampered with a luxury stay and will enjoy their vacation in Sri Lanka. Situated in 230 acre Kandalama Estate and is located just 11km from Dambulla, Heritance Kandalama is around 160km from the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo and the nearest airport being Colombo International Airport. There is a bus service available to Dambulla Town centre and taxi services available till hotel premises.

The accommodation here at the hotel is luxury as it is within the reach of tropical forests of Dambulla. To cater to their visitors and provide ultimate luxury, Heritance Kanalama has 8 different types of rooms.

Superior Room: Ideal accommodation for a family, Superior Room at Heritance Kandalama has private balconies with view of lake and Dambulla Rock. With its amazing interiors, the amenities provided here caters to what the tourist needs when they stay here. Amenities provided here include a TV with Satellite Channels, 24-hours room service, tea and coffee making machine, mini bar, music system, Wi-Fi access and large bathroom with giant rain shower heads completed with bath amenities which provides refreshing experience while one is staying at this Superior Room.

Panoramic Room: Panoramic Room at Heritance Kandalama provides a superior view of Dambulla Rocks and also has private balconies. The interiors are modern and sophisticated with amenities such as TV with Satellite, Wi-Fi access,24-hour room service, tea and coffee making machine. Suitable for a family of 4 this place provides luxury for people who stay at Panoramic Rooms.

Luxury Room: Located in Singirya Wing of the hotel, Luxury Rooms offers a view of famous rock fortress. Slightly spacious than Superior room has some of modern interior designs and architecture. They have amenities such as TV with Satellite Channel, King Size Bed, Wi-Fi access,24-hour room service and the best thing about Luxury Room is that there is a giant bathtub as well as shower cubicle where the tourist can take rest and enjoy their stay at the hotel.

Deluxe Room: Located in the heart of Aspen with its contemporary luxury and historic heritage, the deluxe accommodation provides ultimate luxury for the tourists. With their private Jacuzzi along with rain head shower access, along with bath slippers and robe, the stay at Deluxe Room will be ultimately lavish. They also have amenities such as TV with Satellite channel, king size bed, Wi-Fi access,24-hour room service, Jacuzzi access, private balcony etc.

Suite Room: With its luxury stay, Suite Room offers it visitors with two private balconies along with a bathroom which has Jacuzzi and separate rain-shower cubicle, bathrobe and slipper will be provided so this room offers ultimate luxury. The place is more spacious than Superior room and is perfect for a family to stay.  They have amenities such as DVD Access, TV. King Size Bed, Wi-Fi access and 24-hour room service, tea and coffee making machines etc.

Luxurious Panoramic Room: Situated in 7th floor of Dambulla Wing, Luxurious Panoramic Room provides a spectacular view of lake and Dambulla rock. These rooms feature the largest balconies and have the best view of Kandalama Tank. The room has amenities like DVD Access, TV, Wi-Fi, King Size Bed, 24-hour room service, tea and coffee making machine, bathrobe, Jacuzzi etc.

Luxurious Suite Room: With an awe-inspiring view of Dambulla Rocks, the golden Buddha and Kandalama lake the Luxurious Suite Room has two private balconies and two bathrooms with Jacuzzi and separate shower head. The luxurious suite also features Separate living area with sofa, chair and LCD TV with DVD Access.  It also features amenities such as Wi-Fi Access, King Size bed, 24hour room service, bathrobe and slippers and a spectacular view from the balcony.

Royal Suite Room: Staying at the Royal Suite Room feels like you are staying in your apartment. With 2 comfortable living room, balcony and bedroom this place is the epitome of luxury. In one of the bedroom you wake up to the view of Lake and in the other, you wake up to the view of the jungle. With Batik inspired interior architecture completed with wall hanging,hand-woven rugs and local craftwork this place just feels like a home away from home. The living room has a huge dining table which can be used during business meetings or have a dinner party with a large group of families. They also have access to 24hour butler service.  Other amenities include a TV with DVD access, Wi-Fi Access, King Size beds, 24-hour room service, bathrobe and slipper this place also has super comfortable sofa where you can rest after your tiring day tour.

There are 2 dining options available in Heritance Kandalama Kaludiya Restaurant which is fusion dining restaurant located on the 7th floor of the hotel. And Kanchana Restaurant which has a chain of options such as Restaurant, Lounge, Bar and Cafe Kanchana where they offer various cuisines and coffee and you can sip your favourite drink here at Kanchana bar.

Heritance Kandalama also has various facilities for people who wish to visit the hotel. They have Spa, Swimming Pool, Child Care, Library, gymnasium, business centre and their shop where you can purchase souvenir, handicrafts, and jewellery All the items in Heritance Kandalama shops are local handicraft items with superior quality.



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  1. Your stay at the Heritance looks like a sheer paradise! It takes my stress away just reading and getting lost in the pictures of your post. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to enjoy a vacation like this too. In fact, you have inspired me to start my vacation fund tomorrow. Thank you 🙂

  2. I’m sure you had great fun staying in Heritance Kandalama Srilanka. I know Sri lanka because from my experience it really a nice place to visit. Their hotel rooms is really always superb. I will have here too someday.

  3. I love hotels with luxury facilities just like in this Heritance Kandalama Srilanka. The ambiance is breathtaking. This is getting money .

  4. Thanks MacroTraveller for this post. Indeed Sri Lanka is truly blessed with many luxurious places and here is another called Heritance Kandalama whuch is an upscale hotel. Lovely place to be!!?

  5. I’ve desired to travel to Srilanka for the longest time possible. I am learning of great place to visit during my stay. Enjoyable all the same.

  6. Amazing how those trees are growing on top of the bridge. I would like to see this one for myself. Amazing places you have highlighted here.

  7. Stay experience in Heritance Kandalama Srilanka will be superb. This picture view shows the hotel there will be 5star hotel. I will like to visit there for vacation. Thanks for this post Macro Traveller.

  8. Such beautiful rooms and amenities to choose from. I love the outdoor pastures and the delicious dining options. The Heritance is a clear winner when it comes to supreme relaxation and ultimate sight seeing. Some of my favorite features mentioned were the quarries, Kanchana bar, 24 hour room service and hotel Jacuzzis. Thanks for the awesome review!

  9. The location of Heritance Kandalama is very unique. It is situated right in the mountain side. It’s the perfect place to connect with nature.

  10. I never could have imagined Sri Lanka had such a beautiful country side. Thanks so much for sharing this, I bet it was a hell of an experience!

  11. The place is almost one with mother nature. It is so relaxing and it will really help you clear your thoughts in mind.

  12. Wow this is stunning. I do not know if this is a hotel but I would love to experience a night here. Closer to nature I would say. I just want good lighting come night time.

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