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Stop Posting Your Boarding Pass on Social Media | #MTTips

Sharing the news and details of your next trip on social networks, and it may seem a most harmless action. However, a security firm warns that this could be a way hacker can steal your personal information. 

Some people think that the boarding pass is just a piece of paper. But this is not the case since it has essential information that has the passenger’s name, flight number, destination, and seat number. Most people think that it is harmless to upload photos of their Boarding Pass (Plane Ticket) to social networks, and there are even those who believe that it can be thrown anywhere; however, here we are going to tell you why you should not do it.

Why Revealing Boarding Pass is Dangerous? What Can Go Wrong?

Publishing your plane ticket or boarding pass will cause more than envy among your friends since the barcode is shown on the pass can allow anyone to access data because it only requires possession a simple barcode reader and checks the flights. 

Did you know that a boarding ticket can be accommodated, even after boarding? Yeah, an airline ticket has a barcode, which contains all the personal data of the passenger so that any hacker can easily access information such as address, email and financial details. Personal information appears because once the bar code passes through a code reader, automatically all the passenger information contained in the code is revealed. 

The information that can be obtained is full name, specific details of the flight including from and to where it will fly, airline, flight history, and frequent flyer number. All through the barcode. In this way, hackers could access a customer’s account, see their phone number, book their future flights and of course change them, request seats or even cancel flights. They could also add themselves as a family member and transfer frequent flier points for them.

It is for that reason that you must make sure you have your plane ticket safe not only before, but also after your flight. And in case you want to get rid of it, before throwing it away, try to break it so that you cannot access the barcode.

Another thing that is recommended is not to take photos of the ticket and publish them on social networks, since with the technological advances of today no one is safe, and with just a few clicks you can access our information.


I recommend dealing with the boarding pass as with all personal documents (e.g., ID card, bank statement, etc.) sensitively. These travel documents are worth money and should be given special attention. If you do not want to pick up the boarding pass, you should shred it or at least tear the piece with the barcode into small pieces.



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