Stop seeing pics of ur friends traveling & start your own trip 

Has it ever happened that you are bored or just want to hang out reviewing Facebook and start seeing your friend’s updates?

Suddenly your childhood friend is travelling to Indonesia to see Komodo dragon. You keep going down, and you find the photo of your university friend enjoying along with her boyfriend of amazing waterfalls and turquoise lagoons in Niagara Falls. You find the pictures of a group of friends from work passing it in Italy.

And then you stop for a few seconds, you look around, and you realise that while they are travelling, having fun. You’re sitting here in front of a computer in the office, or maybe you’re in your room lying in bed checking the cell phone, watching TV while you “rest” from the hard work of the week and at that moment a big question arises in your mind: Why do they travel so much, and I’m still here in the same routine every day?

You know very close to your “travellers” friends and you know they have an office job may be the same or more boring than yours. They are not millionaires nor have they received a great inheritance from their parents, and much less have won the lottery, Are people like you with responsibilities, receipts to pay, average salary, but with a big difference. They realised that they do not have to leave their job to start travelling, but what they had to put aside were in the first place. The barriers that prevented them from making that trip.

So now, after talking with several friends to understand why people do not travel as they want. I want to share with you, my top 5 of the main reasons why there are still many who spend watching travel photos while others already are living those trips that you would like to do someday.
1. Travelling is very expensive!

No doubt the main reason many people say they do not travel is for money. The vast majority of people think that you have to be a millionaire to travel or that you need to go on an all-inclusive cruise to say that they have travelled. The truth is that there are many ways to travel, no better or worse than the other, just different. But the important thing is to know that if what you want is to travel it is entirely possible to do it on a small budget. During your trip, you can save on food, transportation, lodging and many other things while continuing to enjoy it as I did when I travelled to Cambodia for two weeks.
2. I do not have time to travel!
This phrase I hear too often and in reality when you have a fixed job that probably devotes more than a third of your day, sometimes it is a little complicated to “disconnect” from that world of meetings, emails and work to get out of the routine and do something different. We are accustomed to working and living automatically from Monday to Friday (in many cases on Saturdays) and then take advantage of the weekend to go to the movies, going out to eat, going to a party, meeting with friends, etc. But that you probably always do and that are already part of your routine.

If you want to start travelling, you need to put it within your priorities and at least start by going out for a weekend outside your city, believe me, that your body and your mind will thank you.
3. I don’t have anyone to travel with and I’m afraid to travel alone!
One of the biggest problems of travelling when you work is to get to match your days of vacation or your days off with those of your best friend or friend and many times we stop making that trip that we want so much because we have no one to go to when you have. To the best partner in the world right there: you have yourself. The fear of travelling alone is normal because you are entering an unknown world, but believe me that when you discover that there are more good people than bad people in the world. You will realise that a trip alone can bring you, more benefits than problems.

4. My work does not allow me to travel!
This is certainly one of the reasons I hear most from people who have an office job: “I cannot travel as I would like because I work and I only have 30 days of vacations per year.”
Maybe 30 days within 365 days of the year sounds petite, but if we compare it with Colombia that has only 15 days or with Ecuador that has only six days of vacations a year. I think that in India we are not so bad and that should be one Great opportunity to make the most of holidays and travel.
5. I do not know how to organise a trip on my own and it makes me lazy to do it!
If you are one of the people who work and study separately, whether it is a university degree, a diploma, a master’s degree or anything else, probably the least you have is time to sit down and organise your next trip. So you have two options: stay in your day to day without getting out of te routine or grab the backpack, buy a ticket and go out and discover for yourself what Coorg and the world have for you. Remember that the best trips are the least planned.

So here you have them, these are the main reasons why many are still seeing the pictures of their friend’s dreams of someday being able to do the same.
If you have identified with some of these reasons, it might be important that you take a few minutes to think if Y’all are barriers are significant enough that you are not travelling as you want or if you are willing to do something different to start enjoying. More of life and the great experiences that only a trip can give you.

Remember that you only live once, but if you do it well, once is enough 🙂

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