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Taste of Arabia in Bangalore

Taste of Arabia in Bengaluru | A generosity of Middle Eastern deliciousness at Ritz Carlton!



Ritz Carlton is positively one of those excellent places where you would want to go again and again. Taste of Arabia brings favourite Chef Rami from The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai back to Bengaluru. Chef Rami who is well known for his expertise in Middle-Eastern Cuisine has flown all the way from Dubai to bring to life the culinary splendour of the Middle East and to create an unforgettable aesthetic and culinary journey for guests to enjoy.


Taste of Arabia features signature flavours from the Syrian, Moroccan, Persian and Lebanese cuisines. The chef who was in the city for the third time now. Me #MacroTraveller was part of a tasting session with a few others to experience unforgettable culinary journey. I was ready for the gastronomical journey to Arabia.


4J2A0831Chef Rami started with the Chicken and Oats Soup. As you all know me veggie guy, I choose Oats Soup. That was incredible.


I was impressed with Arabian delights. Mezze, fatayer, sabousek, shawarma and fragrant Arabic rice were on the menu.

Next on the table was, Arabic Mezze originated from Lebanon. A mix of four different appetisers, namely: Hummus, Beetroot, Green Olives and Babaghanosh along with flavours of the Eggplant Mutable which made the plate looked very colourful and tasty too.



4J2A0841The Mouhamara, Green Olive Salad, and Cous were top picks and went well with the traditional flat bread-Manakish.



4J2A0882No Arabic food is complete without Shawarma! Other loved it and a different garnishing in overall, enjoyed by one and all.

The Mains were severed into a Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian section. I tried the Spicy Potato with Coriander. Lip-smacking! But it was the Zallouk – an eggplant dish that stole my heart and I made sure I satisfied myself. Tummy was FULL 😛

The Non-Vegetarian menu showcased the Shrimp Majboos, pretty similar to the Indian Biryani. Another non-veg soup was Iranian Lamb Stew, and they enjoyed it. The Chicken Kofta and Chicken Spinach were dishes that were savoured with flat bread.

Arabic sweets are known for their lavish style and beautiful richness, the meals will not end before guests have tucked into some decadent desserts like the rich ‘um ali’ with dry fruits or the Lebanese pannacotta style Mouhalabieh. Mouhalabih, a condensed milk drink, wait it was a dish with dry fruits.




Time to Sip – Syrian Tea with aromas of Herbs and Dry Fruits like Walnut and Cinnamon hits your windpipes and refreshes your mind.

Taste of Arabia emphasises signature flavours that have evolved from the silk and spice routes that were once travelled by the men of dessert. Taste of Arabia will showcase guest Chef Rami’s specialities across a week where diners can get an authentic taste of Arabia every evening for dinner.







Venue: The Market
Date: 24th to 30th April.
For: Dinner only
Price: Rs. 2350 all inclusive for an expansive buffet.

Call 4914 8000 for Reservations at The Market.



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