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Finland is not the destination that most people would choose in the first place for a trip, a short break or even a weekend. And yet this country has so much to offer! It is one of the coldest countries in the world and turns, one of the best to live in how much to your economy. However, few tourists arrive at their lands. It is always a good time to know everything about a holiday in Finland.

Finland is a Paradise for Nature Lovers!

Finland has 5.6 million inhabitants, 40 national parks, 180,000 islands and more than 188,000 lakes! Just look at the map of the country to see the vastness of the spaces! This omnipresent nature does a lot of good for the body and the mind. Here, no stress, no negative waves. Finns are, after the Danes, the happiest in the world, and we understand why.

With its lakes, forests, islands and open spaces, Finland is a paradise for nature lovers. That’s a good reason to discover this country!

There are many reasons to choose Finland as a destination for the next trip as a couple, with family or friends. One of them is to be a little away from the best-known places in Europe, ideal for relaxing trips. Besides, it is perfect for telling stories about a site not very visited by “ordinary” travelers and for those who have been bored of always going to the same places.

Why travel to Finland?

In Finland, you can enjoy attractions that not all countries offer such as see Santa Claus, breathe 100% pure air (it is one of the cleanest countries in the world) and feel real cold, fantastic snow, and blocks of ice. You can swim in an icy pool, travel to nearby islands, eat typical dishes, walk through the snowy forest, ski with a herd of reindeer and rent a cabin in front of a lake.

Know Helsinki!

It is the capital of Finland and is located next to the Baltic Sea. It offers 100 km of coastline and about 300 islands. A large part of the city is covered with parks and squares, and in the center, all services for travelers are offered: hotels, restaurants, bars, banks, souvenir shops, etc. Don’t miss out on Helsinki all cultural offers, ranging from dance to rock concerts.

Visit Lakeland!

It is one of the most important localities in Finland and offers dozens of tourist attractions so as not to get lost during the holidays. In the Kuopio region, for example, there are several museums: Kuopio Art Museum, Kuopio Natural Science Museum, JV Snellman Home Museum, Orthodox Church Museum. In them, you can learn about the customs of the region and the country in general.

Tour Lapland!

This is the ideal place for those who go on vacation with children, since you can get to know the authentic Santa Claus house, with its reindeer and toy factory. Besides, you cannot miss the activities related to snow (skating, skiing, trekking, ice climbing), bird watching and safaris. Those who prefer cultural tourism can visit the Science Museum or the Arts Museum.

Other Important Reasons/Features of Fins!

  • The Finnish cuisine is a simple cuisine, tasty and energy elaborated with products of high quality. It uses very little spice. In reality, there is no need because we find the true taste of food, precisely through the use of healthy products and good quality. Finns are very sensitive to eating well and are followers of slow food and organic. They prefer a local and seasonal product, which is reflected in the plate.
  • Whether it is the Finnish Archipelago, the Lake District, North Karelia, Ostrobothnia or Lapland, each region of Finland offers a multitude of activities to be done according to the seasons and according to your budget. Hiking, mountain biking, dog sledding, relaxing in the sauna or a mökki by a lake, canoeing, swimming, fishing, reindeer farm visit, hunting the aurora borealis, cruises, observation of animals and even more! Sure, you will not be bored in Finland!
  • This country reveals many facets, which makes it touching and endearing. The country combines tradition and modernity. An example, the sauna that dates back to the Stone Age! It is undeniably associated with the Finnish art de Vivre. Most Finns have them in their house, apartment or their mökki (their secondary house).
  • Like other Nordic countries, Finland loves innovation and technology. It is particularly noticeable in architecture and design. Personally, I’m a fan of Scandinavian design, which often mixes modernity and raw materials.

Would you like to visit Finland? Would you consider it for a trip with your children?



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  1. I would surely consider a trip to Finland. I would also Denmark. This two countries are fabulous places to view nature in its virgin state. I really loved how you portrayed Finland. It was a good job!

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