The Best Rooftop Bars For the New Year Celebration

It is gradually time to think about the next (or actually the last) highlight of the year: the turn of the year! Fireworks, lots of champagne and Doughnuts! The New Year has a magical atmosphere, and it must, of course, be celebrated. Do you want you to remember this New Year for a long time? Then I have a few dream locations for you here. I will show you the best rooftop bars worldwide for the New Year’s Eve of 2017, where you can enjoy the view and party throughout the night during New Year’s Eve!

Celebrating New Year’s Eve from a Sky Bar!

New Year is, of course, celebrated significantly in India. At twelve o’clock we all walk with a glass of champagne in our hand to enjoy the parties, concert, and shows. These are often spectacular, even in our city. I now introduce you to some impressive rooftop bars from all over the world. Attending New Year’s Eve from a sky bar is always something more spectacular than from the ground.

O Bar in Sydney!

In the O Bar in Sydney, you can reserve a spot on the 47th floor in the restaurant or the Tapas Lounge, from € 260. With an extensive group, you can also go to the Private Dining Room. There is room for 28 people, but of course, there is also a minimum that you have to order from food. Here you have a perfect view of the city and the fireworks while enjoying your cocktail.

Amsterdam Sky Lounge!

You can celebrate New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam from the Amsterdam Sky Lounge. This award-winning sky lounge offers a beautiful view of a city. This elegant sky bar has a special arrangement for New Year’s, where you can buy an entrance ticket for € 140. This ticket includes an extensive dinner and access to the Sky Lounge. You can also buy a separate ticket to the Sky Lounge, which will cost € 75 per person during the 2017 – 2018 year change. Upon receipt, you will receive a glass of champagne and a surprising bite.

The Solar Bar in Berlin!

You have to travel far for the coolest sky bars. You will also encounter a few suitable locations in Europe. That includes the Solar Bar in the heart of Berlin. Near Potsdamer Platz, the trendy bar on the 17th floor offers an exclusive 270-degree view of the city. In the lounge, you can party and a floor below there is a restaurant. The music here goes from electro to jazz. Entrance tickets for the New Year’s party go here on request. Do not miss this panoramic view on the fireworks!

Sky Bar at Lebua Hotel Bangkok!

How about a New Year’s Eve party in the world’s highest sky bar? The  Lebua hotel in Bangkok is only for people with no fear of heights. On the 63rd floor, you will find the  Sirocco Bar with an incredible view of the city. During the turn of the year, you have a special menu here and of course also fireworks at midnight. From about € 445 you can enjoy an eight-course menu with a panoramic view. Whoever wants to stay at the hotel at the same time can book a room. Overnight stay costs you € 105 or more. It is not cheap, but you will not forget this year’s change!

The Suicide Club Rotterdam!

The Suicide Club in Rotterdam also has a beautiful rooftop to celebrate your New Year’s Eve this year. You can count on a beautiful view of the city here, and you can even follow the spectacular fireworks that are being chipped around the Erasmus Bridge.

Alta Badia Bar in Dubai!

Dubai cannot be missed in a list of best sky locations. At an altitude of 31,212 meters, you can experience a fantastic new year in the Alta Badia Bar in the Jumeirah tower. For about € 270 you get half a bottle of champagne and an open bar – you can drink as much as you like! Anyone who wants to know something can visit the Mosaico restaurant on the ground floor of the tower, where an international buffet awaits you. You pay 130 euros per person. Give yourself something and enjoy an old & new in Arabic style.

Sushi Samba in London!

A special New Year’s party takes place in the Sushi Samba in London. A traditional Brazilian feast is organized on the 38th floor of the Heron tower on Liverpool Street. After a welcome with champagne, visitors can look forward to Brazilian dances, drums, DJs and exquisite dishes. At the top, you have of course a spectacular view of London. You can get tickets for this party from € 190.

What do you think? Do you instead celebrate New Year’s Eve in India or are you looking to fly around the world? Wherever you are, the turn of the year is a festive event everywhere. If you are looking for a special holiday during the turn of the year, take a look at my previous destinations. You can also read more about my recent travel experiences below! Have fun and I wish you a spectacular new year!



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