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I know that 2018 is not over yet, but the time has come to plan the trips that await us next year. For this, I will tell you what fashion destinations will be in 2019.

Being a forecaster can help us get a good holiday at a price more than affordable. That is why many travellers are already beginning to prepare for next year’s getaways, even when it is not over yet. And is that, although we see far before we realize we will have set foot in the next summer. That’s why taking advantage of the fact that we now have some more time with the Christmas mini-holidays, this is the perfect time to organize everything that is to come.

And, as always, the most complicated thing is to choose the destination. There are so many that we have in our list of pending that it is quite complicated to choose one in particular. Not to mention those we have forgotten and can appear before us at any time. To help you with this arduous task, I have compiled some of what will be fashion destinations in the next year 2019, according to Lonely Planet. A series of places that, without knowing very well why or coinciding with certain events, will become the most visited and the most desired during the next 365 days. Here you are!

Belize: For lovers of nature and the marine world, Belize can be paradise 

In the middle of the Caribbean and surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the world, this country still does not know mass tourism so that you can enjoy unique tranquillity there. The combination of luxury, ecology, and sports and water activities is unbeatable.


As if it were a kind of Camino de Santiago, the Jordanian government has proposed that the entire planet discover the Jordan Trail, a route of 650 kilometres that will allow you to know the country thoroughly, with its beauty, its contrasts, its culture, and its traditions. With this, tourism in Jordan will grow, but also offers of all kinds will appear so that, at last, whether on the road or not, you will immerse yourself in its magic.

Zimbabwe: Africa is always a good choice 

Now that Zimbabwe has regained some stability and peace, we have a unique opportunity to visit the country, to explore its national parks, to learn about its fauna and flora, to explore its sites and, ultimately, to experience it. If you were thinking about travelling to the neighbouring continent, bet on this country, you will not be indifferent.

Kyrgyzstan: 2019 is the right year for you to discover those destinations that we have been ignoring for years

And what better to start with Kyrgyzstan? If you dream of hiking in the best possible environment, there you will see it come true. If you dream of contemplating and photographing some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, there you can do it. If you dream of following in the footsteps of Marco Polo and the Silk Road, there you will do it, encountering majestic cities. All this is knowing a culture and a history rich and different from ours.


The year 2019 is also going to be an important year for Germany, which commemorates the centenary of the Bauhaus art movement. A perfect occasion to tour the country from top to bottom and soak up its culture and art. If you still do not know, you already have the perfect excuse.

Sri Lanka: many say it will be the ultimate destination of 2019, as Thailand has already been this year 

The country, one of the richest in cultures and history, has been renewed in recent years. The infrastructures have been modernized, the supply of resorts has increased, and new activities have been included in the tourist areas, which has made the interest in Sri Lanka grow enormously. It is the perfect option for those who want to combine tourism in the strictest sense of the word and relaxation and luxury.

These are just six examples of the many that Lonely Planet has published, among which are also Indonesia, Sao Tome, and Principe or Panama. What will be your destination of the year?


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