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The Grandest Hotel in India : ITC Grand Bharat

The ITC Grand Bharat is located on an isolated wooded estate bordering the ancient Aravali Mountains in Gurgaon, where this grand show of suites opens like a mirage. A majestic sanctuary of peace, its 100 suites represent the best of India’s heritage and culture, including luxury suites with private pools and extravagant Presidential Villas.The real treasures are where you least imagine it, in those corners you reach because they tell you, where they offer you different, authentic experiences, which try to return you the joy of rediscovering the essence of pleasure and joy. MacroTraveller in paradise, the past. In a world where Maharajas lived, enjoying every conceivable luxury, every whim fulfilled, every dream realized. The majesty, elegance and beauty of ITC Grand Bharat cannot be explained in words, and it is a hotel that is loved and remembered forever. Set on a secluded tree-lined estate bordering the ancient Aravali Mountains in Gurgaon, ITC Grand Bharat is just 40 minutes from Delhi. This is where the magic begins, where a grand show of suites opens like a mirage. A majestic sanctuary of ‘time-free luxury’, its 100 suites represent the best of India’s heritage and culture.“The hustle and bustle of New Delhi can be only 30 minutes away, but at ITC Grand Bharat it seems to be in a distant world, hundreds of miles away.” Belonging to ITC Hotels, one of the oldest five-star hotel chains in India, the resort has the highest standards of culinary quality and offers an exceptional gastronomic experience.This incredible resort was rated #4 amongst the 100 best hotels and resorts in the world according to the Conde Nast Traveler Choice Awards, a well-deserved recognition. Everything here happens with harmony, subtlety and unparalleled excellence.

The ITC Grand Bharat honors the ancient architecture of India, with its many domes and intricate carvings on the wall in shades of pink sandstone. It covers an area of ​​1.2 square kilometers and is designed in the form of a ‘mandala’ – a spiritual and ritual symbol in the religions of India, which represents the universe.

What an experience! Everything in ITC Grand Bharat deserves recognition and appreciation. I stayed in a villa with a semi-private attached pool with a private backyard. Simply mesmerizing! This stay once again made me feel, and Welcome group means hospitality. The concept of the dedicated host during your entire stay was unique and made us feel comfortable throughout. I enjoyed my stay at semi-private pool room at ITC Grand, and the hotel staff service was one of the best part of my sojourn, first time I experienced what meaning of real hotel management skills is.

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It’s incredible Spa is a true sanctuary, where traditional and original treatments take us on a journey through the senses. Called ‘Kaya Kalp’ or ‘The Royal Spa’, it is a space of 1,951 square meters. It has nine rooms of therapy, including a suite for couples, all with beautiful decoration corresponding to the treatment. Acclaimed worldwide, the name Kaya Kalp is of Sanskrit origin, meaning rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.Before the opening of the hotel, there was already a superb 27-hole golf course, designed by Jack Nicklaus. The first of its kind in South Asia, the golf course offers three courses with different personalities: The Ridge Course, The Canyon Course and The Valley Course, each with nine striking holes.

Dining options include: Aravali Pavilion with incredible mosaics from modern India, The India Room with classic European dishes with a creative twist, The Peacock Bar with molecular cocktails plus an extensive wine collection, and Apas Promenade, regional specialties Next to the pool.


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  1. Wow, this review is awesome and speak of lucury at it’s best. This is really the grandest of them all. With money one can get what ITC grand has got to offer. Nothing but the very best.

  2. India is really rich of amazing places and accommodations. That’s why I don’t wonder why a lot of tourists are visiting the country for sightseeing. Just like this grandeur hotel, it is already an eye-catching spot. Cool!

  3. I want to stay at this hotel next time I visit India. I will go out of my way for an experience like this. I can feel my stress fading away just looking at this pictures. Will share your post on Facebook!

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