The launch of the Mikusu New Menu at Conrad Bengaluru

Last week, MacroTraveller was at the MIKUSU, Conrad Bengaluru to experience the launch of their new menu. The new menu is something beyond sushi and dim sum, which was fun. MIKUSU is an Asian affair that has an exotic culinary blend of Japanese, Chinese, and Thai food cultures. Authentic, classic and elegant dishes celebrate the culinary artistry of the flavors of the East while allowing the intricate flavors of each ingredient to take center stage. The dishes are paired with a curated range of exquisite sake and exotic Asian cocktails.

Mikusu – An Truly Asian Affair! This fantastic restaurant setup inside Conrad Bengaluru hotel serves the best of Asian Cuisine. The restaurant hosted a special tasting experience for a select group of people. Chef Praveen Shetty curated a special tasting menu and served the best dishes from Asian cuisine. The chef focuses on quality ingredients to offer a spread that satiates the palate of a global traveler. An exclusive community table was set up where everyone was served the lovely food. Along with good food, devoured some excellent Champagne and Red Wine.

Things I tried Mushroom Ramen, Tofu Carpaccio, Chef’s Signature Assorted Sushi, BBQ Mushroom Dimsum, Rock Corn Tempura & Tofu Skewers. Stir-Fried Greens and Assorted Mushroom Saute along with Vegetable Yaki Udon and Yakimeshi. I savored the special selection of Desserts, Five Spiced Chocolate Mousse with Orange Compote.

My Friends tried their Non-Vegetarian menu Chicken Ramen, Salmon Carpaccio, Chef’s Signature Assorted Sashimi Platter, BBQ Chicken Dimsum, Wasabi Prawns & Yakitori.

Wok Tossed John Dory – Chili and Black Bean Sause. Sichuan Chicken – Chili, Fresh Celery and Sichuan Sause. Braised Lamb in Miso Dressing – in Chili Bean Sause.


The sushi was the star of the day. It’s a magnificent place to visit, in Bengaluru, if you are a sushi- lover. The restaurant offers excellent options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The ambiance was very relaxing, and we enjoyed our food & drinks at leisure. Highly recommended! Definitely, I will go back. I’m really hungry for more 🙂



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  1. Guests and visitors alike that visit Mikusu are sure to have fun with delicious dishes which are could be Japanese, Chinese and Thai food. Will love to have a taste of all these foods.

  2. I need to reach this place! It’s too good that they have Japanese, Chinese and Thai blended together. The Vegetable Yaki Udon and Yakimeshi is first on my list to try. Thanks for spreading the word!

  3. I will love to have more taste of Japanese and Thai foods. I have a bit of them from a Japanese couple some years back. Mikusu will sure offer what will really wet my appeptite.

    1. I totally agree. Mikusu looks awesome! I haven’t really tried true Asian cuisine before, but I definitely think that I may start by making a stop here on my travels!

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