The Outpost Hotel, Sentosa Singapore

A new place for Luxury Hotel at Singapore has now been opened by Far East Hospitality Services. Named as The Outpost Hotel in serene Sentosa island, Outpost hotel offers many amenities.

Announced in 2017, the outpost is an exclusive hotel for adults and families. With over 193 guest rooms and suites. Being a new addition to the luxury hotel, The Outpost Hotel is nothing short of luxury.

Rooms are differentiated into Island View, Pool View and Sea View. All three rooms have a king size bed with many amenities such as A/C, Internet access, Minibar, Coffee/tea machine, TV with cable access, safety deposit and Refrigerator where guests can stay in this luxury hotel peacefully after your tiring day of travel. Catering only for adults above 12+ years this hotel has rooms rate different for Breakfast included and not included options. The Sea view room is where you can notice Pristine Sentosa Sea Coast, Island view room is where you can notice Sentosa Island and Pool view is where you can notice Pamukkale Pool situated inside the property.

The Outpost Hotel offers a pristine view from its rooftop where you can enjoy the fireworks display, candlelit dinner and picturesque evenings. The rooftop has pool access been inspired by Turkeys waterfall and is named as Pamukkale Pool, Inspired by Amazon Rainforest, The Amazon Riverine has its own section of trees and shrubs. It also includes Kids Swimming pool.

With its rooftop pool and bar, there is a pool deck where you can rest your day with its sunbathe beds, also there is a lazy river course where you can spend your time lazily sipping a drink or two. The pool bar is situated in the right place where you can enjoy the night view of Sentosa island with a glass of your favourite beverage. This is a perfect place to enjoy fireworks display during evening time. There is also a gym with all the equipment where you can have workout early in the morning or when you feel you need to.

There are 4 restaurants at The Outpost Hotel which provides fine dine to cater its visitors. Be it Fast food or a full 5-course meal. There is Supply Depot which provides quick lunch or pack and go option so as to fit your ever wandering explorations or Native Kitchen which provides fine dine with a buffet lunch every morning to a nice full course meal every night. There is a pool deck which serves your favourite cocktail with a sea view and also there is a food truck named Happy Camper which offers your favourite hot dogs, to sandwiches.

There are enough rooms for Meetings, Weddings and other social events which can be hosted where they provide all the required stationary. With complimentary Wi-Fi services, people can hold any business meetings or a wedding destination in the beautiful Island of Sentosa.

Being in Sentosa, this place is nearby to some adventure activities such as wave house, zip line etc which you can visit on your short stay at The Outpost Hotel.



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  1. This is a nice place to visit. The Outpost Hotel located at Sentosa Singapore is a very conducive place where you will feel at home. Thanks for this post.

  2. This hotel wowed screams luxury.. This is one place I need to visit i when I visit Singapore..great post

  3. Thank you MacroTraveller for this enlightenment. Singapore is very beautiful and a place for vacation. The Outpost hotel will be a place for relaxation due to its sea view, pool deck and wonderful rooftop among other features. I’m glad to know about this.

  4. The garden outside the hotel is breath taking! This is the perfect blend between nature and modern building design. Color me impressed.

  5. The water fountains and artificial ponds just bring a sense of calmness and soothing. This hotel is the perfect place to be for sure.

  6. I can’t get over how delicious the food looks. I would do all I can to go to the Outpost just to have a taste of their food.

  7. I really love hotels that are like this outpost hotel. There are always memorable places because of the amount of fun one can get from hotels like this. lovely post here.

  8. I kinda passed this hotel upon my vacation in this country a long time ago. I only see the outside but now an inside overview aint that bad. I may comeback and experience the hotel myself later on.

  9. The Output Hotel looks amazing! I am really happy for you that you are able to stay in beautiful places. I will save more to be able to travel and stay at beautiful hotels.

  10. This is a very nice hotel. I like the fact that they utilized the plants in the pool and in front of the building. Wonderful shots of the pool by the way.

  11. These beautiful photos increases my desire to visit Singapore. There are so many beautiful places to visit and stay in this country.

  12. There is nothing that makes my day as having a hotel room that has an outside view, especially if its of an island or a lake. Always looking forward to have that morning view of the scene.

  13. The food is delicious even from looking at it from the photos you took. It just makes you want to visit this beautiful hotel and lounge there.

  14. I love luxurious hotels as the make life exciting for me. I will love a time out in out post hotel. Adding this to my list of trips hopefully will get to check it out.

  15. It’s quite a good place for holiday and having a refreshment. I do like your presentation which makes me see a place from all angles.

  16. With this luxurious hotel, I can say that everything is already in here. From the view that you’d like to see eveytime you wake up to the delicious foods being serve, it’s all win-win.

  17. Wow! Kudos to MacroTraveller. Reading this article, I’ve come to realize that the place is the best place to enjoy evening fireworks! I would love to see the place.

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