The Parody Art Museum in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, as mentioned in my previous blogs, is a place where culture meets tourism. Having many adventures, entertainment, museums and food place Pattaya is one of the fastest-growing tourist city in Thailand.

On my recent visit to Pattaya, Thailand I had an opportunity to visit Parody Art Museum. It is located at 159/119 Moo5 Naklua Bang Lamung Chonburi Thailand 20150 and is open all day from 09:00 – 18:00hrs. Admission costs 400 Baht for Adults and 200 Baht for Children. Kids below the height of 100 cm can enter the museum free of cost.

Parody Art Museum is a night museum which the main topic/collections are PARODY. One of the first museum in the world that concentrates on this topic you need to experience the museum filled with fun and enjoyment. With their own unique style of sculptures, drawings and video clips the museum creates awareness to the general public with their art pieces.

Located near downtown Pattaya, Parody Art Museum was decided to operate at night with an idea of making the museum the most beautiful and fun space in Pattaya. The total area of the museum is around 8300 sqm which is shared between Indoor and Outdoor galleries. They have 3 Zones namely Purple 1F, Green 2F and a Self Studio. Here you can notice the collection of parodies of famous paintings and its parodies that will make you laugh. Self Studio is the place where you can take a photo at the various exhibitions of art presented here.  They also conduct art workshops which you can check with the management to experience what you wanted to know about parodies etc.

You can click as many photos with parody in the background and have a fun-filled night in the city of Pattaya.



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