The World’s First Underground Theme Park

To enjoy a unique experience, there is a magical attraction that you have to try. Zip World Bounce Below, trampolines built in a vast network of caverns located many meters deep. Known as the first underground adventure park in the world, in this place you can play, slide, roll, jump and bounce from one network to another, but do it in the bowels of the earth. Inside a cavern the size of a cathedral, something that is already original in itself.

The shades of the interior lighting contribute to creating an unreal environment while allowing you to appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the cave, a cave that almost 200 years ago worked as a slate mine.

Bounce Below, in Zip World Slate Caverns, is pure fun. A natural space in which fun has no end and it’s ideal to visit with the whole family. And we are in the first underground theme park in the world, hidden inside a vast network of caverns, where we will be able to live an authentic fantasy and have a great time on a giant trampoline in the depths of the earth.

Zip World Bounce Below, an Underground Playground.

There are three giant inflatable nets on two levels in a large cavern that is more than 54 meters deep. And you’ll be able to slide between levels on four giant slides, which are twice as tall as a typical English double-decker bus.

You will also be able to explore the network of caves and tunnels and live a thousand adventures in what was a Victorian slate mine. And more, admire the caves stained by the colors of the neon lights that give great beauty to the walls.

Zip World Bounce Below is a safe place where you can enjoy a unique and incredible day, in a completely safe environment, where lovers of strong emotions from seven years onwards will play and live an unforgettable and spectacular experience.

We will enter this network of huge caves hidden underground, and in a beautiful and historic place. In Blaenau Ffestiniog, in North Wales, the place to play, slide, jump and bounce from one net to another, but underground. For the little ones, everything is exciting here.

And for the elderly, it’s another world. Because Zip World Caverns is also an underground adventure in which you will be given a training course using a security rope safety system that will take you after an epic journey through the underground caverns through zip lines, rope bridges, a via ferrata and tunnels.

You’ll be able to put your nerves to the test by going through an 8-meter-long space on the rock, walking the line and climbing to a height of 25 meters with just one rope to stand on, or to advance, swinging and using a rail. Once you have successfully completed this test, you will find the “stairway to heaven,” the third and highest via ferrata, which consists of 36 steps and that will take you to the highest point of the route of the Caverns, at a height 30 meters from the ground. And from here your final challenge: the steepest zip line in the United Kingdom. Are you going to miss it?

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  1. Zip world bounce below sounds terrific. I feel like i wouldn’t wanna leave the place once i get there!

  2. Is it this different from the usual business model? I mean how can customers go much less know about this if it is not exactly top ground? Anyway, I am sure the developers already thought of ways how to attract the public for this.

  3. Wow it will awesome to slide,jump ,roll and bounce from a network to another in a place.The zip world bounce below sounds a fun place to be,would love to try this underground theme park out.

  4. So, this is in the United Kingdom? I will never miss it when next I travel. I would surely like to savor the adventure of an underground theme park.

  5. I have never heard about Zip bounce below but this really sound cool for the adventurous mind like mine.A theme park underground for bouncing,rolling and all will sure be a thrilling adventure for me.

  6. I love ziplines and trampolines! I am very adventurous and this underground theme park is perfect for people like me! Gotta save some money now for my next adventure!

  7. I am excited to be a kid again most especially that this is the first and foremost underground playground, this place will surely enjoy by my kids!

  8. This looks so cool. It’s like an entirely different planet. I love the concept and the stairway to heaven reference. This is probably the most innovative theme park up to date.

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