The World’s First Underwater Residence Is Coming To Maldives

Are you looking for unique experiences? Conrad Maldives Rangali Island will be inaugurated in November of this year and maybe your next destination. The height of luxury, this immersed suite is fully glazed to live among fish, turtles, and sharks. Take your breath, opening this fall.

Do you remember the Conrad Maldives Resort on Rangali Island? It had caused a sensation by proposing two years ago the first submarine restaurant in the Indian Ocean. At the sight of the Muraka Suite, latest project, we understand that the overall project is much more ambitious: to immerse a whole hotel. With the help of several architects from around the world, Conrad to build a luxury villa, one of a kind, divided into two floors, one of which is underwater.

Rightly called The Muraka, which in the Maldivian language means “coral”, maintained an investment of 15 million dollars for the development of the residence that can accommodate up to a total of 9 guests on two floors interconnected by a spiral staircase and an elevator, also offering a pool with infinite view ideal to witness a sunrise, or where appropriate, sunset in which it is considered one of the places with the most crystalline waters in the world.

The underwater suite simply leaves you speechless when you witness that intense crystalline blueness that also discovers the fauna of the place thanks to its huge crystals, as well as elements in granite and marble with a subtle minimalist touch and neutral colors that complement the underwater experience.

The villa is designed in a similar style to Ithaa, with a curved acrylic dome boasting 180-degree panoramic views of the encircling marine life. On the surface of the water, you will find two bedrooms with bathrooms, a large lounge but also a bar, a kitchen, and a dining room. Do you want more? A fitness room awaits you as well as separate apartments for your personal butler room or bodyguard, and a private pool less far than a ricochet jet.

That already throws a lot. But as always in the Maldives, the most majestic remains lurking beneath the waves. That’s why the residence also extends to almost 5 meters underwater. A suite with a large bedroom, bathroom with Jacuzzi and living room will allow you to fall asleep watching the manta rays and sea turtles.

The construction is underway, and the Muraka will open its doors in November 2018, as long as you pay 50,000 $ per night. Not so bad since it can accommodate nine people. The hotel admitted that it had to pay more than 11.5 million euros to build it. All this to offer an original sensational experience? Without a doubt. Unless it is a stroke of genius in anticipation of the inevitable rise of waters that will swallow the Maldives archipelago in the decades to come and to show that aquatic tourism is possible. The only certainty, the result is breathtaking.

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