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One of the issues that most draws the attention of a city is its way of telling time. Many of them give it in a more than special way, with an impressive clock tower from where the whole city can be seen. Something magic! A clock tower is a tower expressly built to house, as its name suggests, a clock. Typically, as a general rule, a total of four spheres are placed and, usually, it is a separate building constructed to house this clock.

It is true that, in addition to this location, it is normal that these types of towers are located in churches or, for their part, in buildings with certain official character. The clocks are designed to notify each hour. For the same reason, here you will find the most incredible clock towers in the world. Do not lose detail!

Clock Tower of Mecca, Saudi Arabia

It is the tallest building in Saudi Arabia and the third in the world. It is located in the holiest place in the world for Muslims. It is a hotel, and its tower is crowned by a four-sided clock whose visibility reaches about 25 kilometers. Therefore, we are facing the largest clock in the world.

Spasskaya Clock Tower, Russia

It is the main tower with a passage traversed in one of the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. It was built in 1491 by the well-known Italian architect Pietro Antonio Solari. It is a historical clock since its sphere is above the main doors of the Red Square.

Monumental Clock of Pachuca, Mexico

Built between 1904 and 1910. It is a completely neoclassical architecture with a variety of styles such as, for example, Tuscan, Ionic, Corinthian, and Doric. It has 40 meters high and points to the four cardinal points. The statues that are sculpted represent Independence, Liberty, Constitution, and Reform. It was inaugurated in 1910 as a commemoration of the Independence of Mexico.

Clock Tower of Zytglogge, Switzerland

It is a spectacular medieval tower located in the city of Bern. It was built in the thirteenth century and has served as a guard, prison, clock tower, center of urban life but, above all, memory of a civic nature. Such is the importance it has within the city that it has become a place of great national recognition.

Rajabai Clock Tower, India

It is located south of Mumbai, specifically on the Fort campus of the local University. Big Ben, located in London inspire it. It is completely closed to the public after it became a regular meeting place for those who wanted to take their own lives.

Monumental Tower, Argentina


Known as the old English Tower. It is located in the well-known Retiro neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires. A series of British residents built it in order to commemorate the centenary of the famous May Revolution that marked a before and after in the history of the country.

Big Ben, United Kingdom

Located at the northern end of the spectacular Palace of Westminster in London, the seat of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Its construction was completed in 1858, but it began to function in 1859. The tower houses the largest four-sided clock in the world and is also the third tallest in the world.




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  1. This made a very interesting read.we have a clock tower in my country but it never as big as the ones I just read about here. incredible,I hope to see one of such a tall clock tower at least once in my life time.

  2. Big Ben I wonder if one of these places were used in a New Year count down? These are usually the go to for such events.

  3. Those are some really antique and fascinating clocks. They have been there for a long time and have been towering until now. It really is a mesmerizing site to see one of these high-rising clocks in personal. Great!

  4. I thought it’s just the Big Ben, UK is the only beautiful clock tower, there are lots of beautiful tower around the world and I only knew here them

  5. The clock tower of Mecca in Saudi Arabia is so intimidating,I have never seen such a tall tower of that magnitude.It always good to get out there to see most of this historic structures.

  6. Big Ben tower is one in my bucket list. I remember we had a Big Ben puzzle when I was a kid and it took us months to finish it.

  7. True enough, we have a lot of fascinating clock towers all over the world. But the big ben remains to be my ultimate dream destination!

  8. I expected a better looking time tower from Switzerland. The other countries have very good looking towers especially the one in UK which also apart from aesthetics it is also very practical as someone can tell the time from a distance.

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