Things to do in Hulhumalé #Maldives

Hulhumalé is an artificial island located in North Male Atoll, Maldives. It is a reclaimed island to support the expansion of the capital and to have an International Airport in the capital which quickly became a tourist spot for transit for various tourists visiting the island nation.

How to visit Hulhumalé.

There are many ways to visit Hulhumalé where you can choose

  • Bus – You can take a local bus from International Airport which has shuttle service every 30 minutes starting 06:00hrs in the morning. If you are a budget traveller this is the best option to visit the beach.
  • Taxi – This costs a little bit costly than Bus service however the frequency to travel to Hulhumalé would decrease. There are Taxi services available just outside the airport and frequency is around 10-15 minutes.
  • Ferry – Explore Maldives right as you want to enjoy the sea, travel to Hulhumalé would also be available via Ferry services from the airport with less cost and quickly to reach the destination with ease.

As the Maldives is an island nation as it goes there are various adventure activities that can be done in Hulhumalé.

  • Hulhumalé beach – the beach is situated around 3km approx. from Male International Airport which takes around 5-10 minutes of travel time. Here you can enjoy Sunbathing across pristine white beaches of Maldives.
  • Snorkelling, Scuba Diving – Hulhumalé beach has coral reeves around 100 meters from shore. Here you can enjoy snorkelling where you can swim with sharks, turtles, manta rays and many sea creatures. There are also many Scuba Diving schools in Hulhumalé where you can book on the internet based upon your budget.
  • Water sports – The beach has many water sports where you can enjoy Jet Ski, parasailing or Kite Surfing across the vast spread of water.
  • Visit Male- You can visit the capital city of Maldives – Male. There are many Express schedules Ferry from Airport to Male. Please note that every Friday there will be Prayer break from 11:30 to 14:30 hrs where there will be no ferries operating that time. The Ferry operates anytime between 05:30 to 00:30 hrs and it was around 10 minutes of travel time.
  • Visit Local Markets, Lunch – You can visit the local market in Hulhumalé where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood available. There are many upscale to local food joints in the city where you can enjoy various cuisines. Here the food is fresh and also tastes yum.
  • Visit the Mosques – Being a major Muslim Country, Maldives. Hulhumalé has a fair share of Mosques situated in various parts of the city which are open to tourists. There are many mosques in Hulhumalé out of which Hulhumalé mosque also known as Masjid al Sheikh Qasim bin Al-Thani is most famous and can accommodate over 1500 worshipers.
  • Visit Hulhumalé Central Park – You can visit Hulhumalé Central park where you can enjoy peaceful nature with the option of open-air gyms and jog track.
  • Have breakfast, lunch and dinner at sea resorts and enjoy live music.
  • Shop at 5 storey shopping mall, Centro. It’s the first shopping mall situated in central of the commercial zone of Male. It has a Food and Beverages section, banks, medical facilities which helps tourists for quick eats. Centro mall will be open till 12AM which is a boon for late night landing tourists.
  • Visit Fantasy Express supermarket where you can find small shops selling local items which can act as a souvenir of a visit to the Maldives.





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  1. The pictures here are just breathtaking. Wow I will like to spend my next summer here. So many lovely places around the world one need to visit before exiting the earth.

  2. Thanks for sharing this MacroTraveller. I would love to do most except swimming with sharks! Snorkeling is a no go area for me! Nice view!

  3. Hulhumale is one place a lot of people want to visit.. Having information on where to visit is a boon to those that are willing to go there.. spot on

  4. So much to choose from between the sunbathing, shopping, kite surfing and scuba diving. Not to mention the cultural mosques, air gym and jog track. That last photo looks insane! It’s like a water jet pack. I need to visit the Maldives.

  5. Maldives is a must visit destination. I just love all the good things I read about the Maldives. I hope someday I will get to visit there. Thanks for the post.

  6. My knowledge is lacking and this helps me a lot. I am still confused though,Is this an island or what? because for the longest time I just thought of this as a resort.

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