If you are in Delhi, would love to have a meal of a lifetime and the experience to cherish for a lifetime as well. Here I present to you “TIAN” which is a creative Asian restaurant located on the top floor of the celebrated ITC Maurya hotel which is the powerhouse of having the finest restaurants in the country.

If you are looking for an eatery with a view, mouthwatering treats and desserts, a unique experience with friends and family, TIAN is the right place!

Tian presents an impressive and varied selection of on-table assembly, specially crafted ‘Trailer’ menus, and seasonal a-la-carte. Soaked in elegant ambience with dulcet golden tones, an exclusive bar, live music and al fresco seating, the guests can experience all this at the capital’s latest gourmet destination.

The eatery has elegantly designed with lounge type seating along with an expansive terrace; add to this some soothing live music and a moonlit night, you suddenly have the best place in the city to gorge on SE Asian cuisine. The innovative cuisine improves one’s appetite, and you keep wanting more.


Purity of Earth Mushroom Soup, Tian’s Ratatouille, Edamame patty with Raw Mango Relish, Minced Spring Chicken Salad with Asian Herbs, Scallop and Truffle Pizza and ‘Eat off your table’ dessert.

Chef Vikramjit Roy – Magician!

The magic he weaves in his creations and keeps you spellbound for life. The restaurants offers progressive style Asian cuisine and trust me, don’t go by the looks of what the dish is, there is a twist and turn in every tale and the whole food journey at Tian. Chef created artistic masterpieces out of every dish – each dish talks to all your senses – the visual, the aroma and the taste. The flavours were authentic; presentation and experience were mind blowing.

A story where the director/Chef Vikramjit enacts a play called dinner/Lunch where the story has all ingredients which represent a season. Each dinner is based on a particular season, and the story isn’t complete with hero and heroine, and the dishes play those roles and of course audience like us also get to be a part of the play as guest appearance and thus the experience is just mind blowing.

Food and Experience!


I would rate it as one of the best fine dining restaurants in India. It was my most enjoyable meal in a fine dining restaurant in India in a long, long time. Outdoor seating recommended, check out the wonderful selection of wine. Would recommend the place to anyone!



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  1. Tian a place to eat all the progressive style Asian cuisines. I always love your presentations and it helps one to decide quickly where to be.I totally agree with you that it one of the best restaurant I have seen.

  2. I don’t think that those little servings will satisfy my hunger. I am not really into fine dining but I wish to experience it once in a while.

  3. That’s a very nice restaurant! The dishes are authentic are different from other casual recipes. The staff are likewise hospitable since they were even smiling in the last photo and it seems that it would really be nice to dine there sometime.

  4. Definitely I will love to have a meal of a life time and experience in new Delhi so I will have to do a meal at Tian for this experience.These array of foods is quite inviting.I’m sure one will really get his or her money worth here.

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