Top 5 Luxury resorts in Sentosa, Singapore

Singapore is one of the most competitive economies as per latest news is one of most tourist-friendly places, with many people visiting this beautiful country Singapore offers many tourist places to visit based upon the travellers’ mindset. With its panoramic views, bright lights and busy tourist attractions there are some Luxury Resorts to stay during your journey here in Singapore.

Below are top 5 Luxury Resorts to stay in Sentosa, Singapore

  • Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore, Sentosa

With its chain of hotels situated around the world, Shangri-La is one of the luxury resorts to stay in the Island nation of Singapore. With every room having a balcony for its guests to stay, this is the only resort having beachfront property located near Siloso beach. Suitable for all types of travellers. Having rooms such as Superior Hill View room, Family garden, Deluxe pool/sea view, terrace pool/sea view and panoramic sea view rooms this resort also has suites such as panorama suite, Sentosa suite and deluxe sea view suites available for guests to stay. Having over 454 rooms with amenities such as Spa, Swimming pool and Gym this property is situated in Sentosa Island.

  • Amara Sanctuary Resort

Located near Palawan Beach, Amara Sanctuary Resort hosts 140 award-winning guest rooms, suites, villas and a mansion. This 5-star resort has an infinity pool and a mesmerizing view of the South China Sea which you wake up to notice the endless stretch of sea. This resort is just a 10-minute distance from Singapore CBD where you would find a peaceful early morning and a nice place for a family to stay. This resort has 4 swimming pools where you can enjoy your day off after a busy travelling around Singapore. Perfect for a family stay this resort has a great dining place, spa facility and other services for you to be pampered during your period of stay.

  • Siloso Beach Resort

One of the first Eco-resort in Singapore where you feel like you are staying amidst the lap of your nature. With its green vegetation surrounding this resort offers nearby activities such as island hopping, Eco tours and trek to Mount Imbiah. The speciality of this resort is that it has the longest natural swimming pool. With its family rooms, garden view room, villa and pool access this place would be preferred by people who want to be in the midst of nature.

  • Beach Villas Resort World

One of the most luxurious resorts in Singapore, Beach Villas Resort world is a perfect getaway for couples who visit Singapore. Having 22 Villas in total with 1 bed, 2 beds, 3 beds and 4 beds option this one is the epitome of luxury. With all 1 bedroom, the villa has direct access to private infinity pool and balcony this one offers a spectacular view of Keppel Bay and Labrador Park. With its warm colours for interiors complimented with stones and natural minerals, this resort feels home away from home. There is a private jacuzzi in one bedroom house. Other amenities include 24-hour butler service, spa, Private land transport provided by butlers, Private pool for 2 bedrooms and above. This one is truly one of the luxury resorts to stay in Singapore.

5 The Outpost.

One of the newest entry to luxury resorts is The Outpost. This resort comes under Small Luxury Hotels where the guests have modern luxury architecture. Suitable for a family this hotel is located just 15 minutes from CBD of Singapore. With it’s guest rooms having black and white topped with gold and metallic shades of interior this hotel feels like modern and elegant. Room amenities include toiletry kits by Australian beauty brand APPELLES Apothecary & Lab, water filtration system, and a customized mini bar where guests can pick their favourite wine, snacks, and chocolates with compliments from the hotel. Its rooftop holds a new restaurant where the theme of the restaurant is to dine under the stars overlooking South China sea is perfect spot during night time. There is an infinity pool where the guests can rest and enjoy their stay at this new hotel.



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  1. All the luxury resorts in Sentosa Singapore have a nice structure and wonderful view of nature. A cool place for relaxation anytime one visit Sentosa. Thanks for sharing your experience, MacroTraveller ?

  2. From all that I have read Singapore hotels are lovely. I love their facilities and customer service it all superb and worth every dime spent.

  3. These are the high end 5star hotels where you do plan in advance before visiting. You can’t just wake and move in, unless you do work travelling. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and review.

  4. The Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa has caught my eye the most. It would definitely be my pick for the best hotel.

  5. Each of these hotels looks so good it’s even difficult to pick one. The best experience would be spending a day in each of them.

  6. Who doesn’t like the luxury life certainly not me, because luxury is really good for the soul? Singapore is really blessed with luxurious places and resorts are world-class with all that will help make life functional. I love them all.

  7. This is just majestic!!!I have visited this country before but not these resorts. Too fat for my wallet ha ha. I appreciate the overview though. I hope I can get in these someday.

  8. A friend of mine visited sentosa and couldn’t stop talking about how he enjoyed the trip..this article confirms everything he said.. lovely piece

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