Top things to do in Colorado

Vacation ideas to Colorado will always keep your itinerary filled to the brim. With endless attractions ranging from the spectacular national parks to a plethora of activities awaiting one in the cosmopolitan cities, Colorado awaits the traveler with open arms to reveal it’s overflowing treasures.Most of the things to do on any trip to Colorado are centered around the state’s ancient history and vibrant art-filled culture. From wild to mild, the top things to do in Colorado are explained here.

Spend a spooky night at the Stanley Hotel

Since its inauguration in 1909, this heritage property in Estes Park, has hosted numerous esteemed guests and celebrities, including the famous novelist Stephen King, who penned the horror novel The Shining, during his stay here. From all the private cabins in Colorado that can add to the thrill, there’s something unique about Stanley.The Stanley, which is still believed to be haunted by some, is located in the foothills of the Rockies and provides great views of the National park. The picturesque hotel has attracted many luminaries like Theodore Roosevelt, The Emperor of Japan and many others.

Visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park

This park is one of the greatest wonders of nature to be found anywhere else. Full of forests, lakes and some of the highest sand dunes the park presents a truly unique sight to the onlooker.Hike to the top of the 750 feet high Star Dune and take in the scenic surroundings. If you are skillful enough, slide all the way down on boards and refresh yourself in the Medano Creek flowing at the base. The rugged Medano Pass Primitive road opens up options of viewing exemplary terrain while camping overnight at the Pinyon Flats campsite.

Step back in time at the Mesa Verde National Park

The Mesa Verde National Park in Montezuma County, Colorado houses some of the most ancient dwellings of the Puebloans tribe. These fine structures have been expertly carved into the high cliff walls of this majestic park.The showpiece of the place is the stunning “Cliff Palace”, which constituted a collection of 23 religious structures and many rooms. The tour to the dwellings requires an above average fitness ability, as one has to literally crawl on the belly in some areas which are small and cramped.

Marvel at the rock formations in Garden of the Gods.

There are many different rock formations to be found all over Colorado, but none so splendid as the stratified towers of red sandstone at the Garden of the Gods. Over the years, these sedimentary layers of limestone and sandstone have been shaped vertical, horizontal and slanting due to earthquakes.These impossibly formed ridges are today popular with hikers and rock climbers, who throng here to conquer the teetering “Balancing Rock” and the minarets of the “Three Graces”,  the formations which have fascinated local tribes since centuries.

Rejuvenate at Desert Reef Hot Springs

Located in Florence region, these thermal spas were created purely by accident, when an oil exploration mission went awry. Instead of oil, hot water streamed onto the surface from a 1000 feet deep source.

These naturally heated waters have turned into a boon for nature lovers and those looking for healing experiences. The area is now home to trendy resorts for those who are seeking solace and relaxation.

Visit the historic Canyons of the Ancients

Situated in Towaoc county, Colorado, the Canyons of the Ancients is one such place which requires self-exploration.This fascinating outdoor museum, housing more than 6000 sites of archaeological importance is a treasure trove of historical data.These base structures of stone were built by the Puebloans, sometime in the 1100’s, and depict very effectively the lifestyle of the different cultures of the American Southwest with the passage of time.

Hike to the Hanging Lake

This basin of Paris Green color water lies concealed a thousand feet below the steep walls of Glenwood Canyon. The region is a part of Glenwood Springs and can be accessed by those willing to traverse the tough incline up to the canyon walls.Hanging Lake was founded by a gold prospector and was a private property till the year 1910 when Glenwood Springs took over to protect it.The glacially fed lake is full of trout fish which can be clearly seen from the top. A waterfall by the name Spouting Rock lies a short distance away, which displays jets of water exiting out of the canyon walls at high speed.

Get overawed at the Paint Mines Interpretive Park

This colorful park is situated in the Calhan region of Colorado and dates back to almost 9000 years when ancient Americans used to collect material for pottery from the weird but vivid geological formations found here.These unique geological formations have been formed overages by the combined forces of the elements. With changing the color of light, these stone shapes seem to move and shift position giving a remarkable surreal effect. The colors change from purple, orange, gray to white in this delicate and well-protected ecosystem.

The name Colorado gets its name from the mighty Colorado River which flows through the equally impressive Rocky mountains. This year-round holiday destination is perfect for everyone from adventure seekers to families with children looking for fun and frolic. Indeed if there ever was a vacation spot which made one to reconsider future travel plans, it can only be unbeatable Colorado.So what are you waiting for,Just plan your trip now to #Colorado and you won’t regret.



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