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Located south of the center of the state city of Singapore, Sentosa is a recreational island connected to Singapore by a bridge. Built like a giant amusement park, the island of Sentosa includes 5km of many attractions (4D cinemas,amusement park, aquarium, beaches, flight simulators …)


Many travelers visiting Singapore choose to spend one or two nights on Sentosa to enjoy the beach, the greenery of the island. Sentosa has many beautiful hotels and resorts, ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of downtown Singapore. Now it’s time for you to discover all the fantastic attractions that Sentosa Island offers.

Sentosa Island Attractions!

Adventure Cove Waterpark: A water park that will undoubtedly delight the little ones and will plunge the big ones back into childhood. Exciting downhill slides and encounters with marine life all lie in one place. You can dive with nearly 20,000 tropical fish and even find yourself face to face with ashark!

Animal & Bird Encounters: Encounters with animals and birds. With this lavish show in Palawan’s amphitheater, you’ll see the impressive intelligence, agility, and responsiveness of our animal friends. Expect some mischievous monkeys, scary reptiles, and colorful parrots to appear on stage from moment to moment. Every day, enjoy this majestic show offered by professional trainers.

Butterfly Park & ​​Insect Kingdom:

The butterfly park and the kingdom of insects. Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, this place highlights the magnificent beauties of Mother Nature. You will be amazed to see this great variety of butterflies and exotic insects. The scents, images, and sounds of the authentic tropical forest will take you on multisensory and interactive experience. This park has attracted visitors from around the world and will undoubtedly seduce you too.

Combat Skirmish Live – Fort Siloso:

Put on your combat boots and practice firing at your enemies in the labyrinth inside the Fort. You will be able to fight against the invasion of the enemy in this historic fortress! This fort is the only witness to one of the most tumultuous chapters in local history. In the 19th century, Singapore became an important maritime trading port for the British. Three forts were built to defend the island from invasion by the sea. During the Second World War, Japanese troops finally invaded Singapore to the north across the Malay Peninsula.

Crane Dance:

This is the love story between two mechanical cranes … This show shows you how their love for each other turns them into real birds. The perfect combination of sound, light effects and water makes this graceful dance impressive. Come to see them every night at the Waterfront at Resorts World Sentosabefore they fly away.

Dolphin Island™:

Here, you can interact with the dolphins straight from the Indo-Pacific basin and swim with them. But the trainers will also show you all the steps taken to treat these fantastic animals and how their learning contributes to research around the world.

Universal Studios Singapore™:

Shows and attractions based on your favorite hit movies and series await you, such as Transformers, Shrek or Jurassic Park and much more! Hollywood is the entrance area of ​​the park. These are mostly shops and restaurants, but there is also a performance hall, equipped to host the biggest Broadway shows. Located northeast of the Hollywood Zone, New York is a reproduction of a street in the city. To the north is Sci-Fi City, which is crossed by the double-roller-coaster Battlestar Galactica, it represents a futuristic city. You will also find Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar, which will take you into the magic of cinema.

Wave House Sentosa:

It’s the perfect place to experience beach life in California. Enjoy the adrenaline rush on the Double FlowRider®where you can surf like a pro. Surround yourself with live music while savoring the modern Californian cuisine of the restaurant or cooling off the tropical heat at the beach bar.

Ola Beach Club:

You can go jetpacking if you are thrill seekers, ride on the Banana Boat with family and friends, but also paddle, kayak and more!

Trick Eye Museum Singapore:

Of Korean origin, this museum is famous not only among Korean locals but is also a must-see destination for tourists. 2D paintings and sculptures are transformed into a 3D illusion effect. The majority of the works are specially created for Singapore such as horse racing and the symbol of “Merlion.” A fun photo experience is waiting for you!

Palawan Pirate Ship:

Designed for children, the attraction features a water-themed playground. The place is ideal for picnics and leisure activities for the youngest and the youngest.

SkylineLuge Sentosa:

This concept invented in New Zealand years ago has been reproduced here in Sentosa. You can choose to take a leisurely cruise or a quick run on one of the two 700-meter-long tracks. Thrills and fun guaranteed for all ages.

Mega Adventure Park:

Do tree climbing in Sentosa, yes that’s possible! You can choose to do courses with more or less difficulty according to your desire or your physical condition. The goal is to try the experiment at your own pace.

Sentosa Nature Discovery:

Embark on a journey of discovery and sharpen your detective skills. The exploration begins with a fascinating gallery of interactive exhibits. Once the skills are acquired, you will have to explore a desert teeming with birds, insects, wildlife and plants in all kinds of different habitats.

Lake of Dreams:

This free entertainment show, located near the Casino in the heart of Festive Walk, is radically transformed at night.

S.E.A. Aquarium™:

Start by discovering the maritime heritage of Asia at the Maritime Museum. Then explore the marine area of ​​SEA Aquarium which is home to more than 100,000 marine animals of more than 800 species, across 49 different habitats, some as fascinating as the others.

iFly Singapore:

Live your parachutist dreams with the great Wind Tunnel. It is the only one with a 5-meter high acrylic glass wall that allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the South China Sea and Siloso Beach.

Madame Tussauds Singapore:

A famous wax museum, you can rub shoulders with your favorite icons. Take a selfie with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, get a microphone and hop on stage with Beyoncé, celebrate a victory with a top athlete and more!

Images of Singapore LIVE: With a unique mix of actors and special effects, get ready to step back in time from a 21st-century Malay fishing village. Discover the sights, smells, and sounds of yesteryear and embark on a boat trip aboard the Spirit of Singapore.

Wings of Time:

There’s no better way to end a fabulous day in Sentosa than to see a spectacular night show with sea views. An impressive moment of water effects, lasers and fire are set to majestic music.

Gogreen Segway® Eco Adventure:


Embark on an eco-friendly Segway to admire the most popular, fun family-friendly Palawan or Siloso beach on Sentosa Island. Your 30-minute tour begins with basic instructions, followed by an easy cruise with an experienced safety instructor. Slide along the 2 km long (1.2 miles) stretch of white sand with a small group limited to 10, providing a personalized experience.

Tiger Sky Tower:

Located near Imbiah Station, the Tiger Sky Tower is an attraction that allows you to admire the surroundings of Sentosa Island 360° from a circular cabin up to 131 meters high. The Tiger Sky Tower attraction is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

Sentosa Merlion:

Reproduction of the iconic statue of Singapore, this Merlion (half-lion half-fish) is 37m high. An elevator takes visitors into the Merlion’s head, giving you a beautiful view. The attraction is near the Imbiah station.

AJ Hackett Sentosa (Bungy Tower):

Sentosa isn’t just about the sun, sand, and sea. It’s now home to Singapore’s latest thrill attraction – AJ Hackett – that adrenaline junkies are in for. AJ Hackett is most well-known for its Bungy Jumping activities worldwide. Now that it’s in Singapore, you ought to try free-falling from the Bungy Tower at a minimum height of 47m. In case you’re wondering how high 47m is, it’s similar to a 17-storey flat!



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