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Ah, Maldives officially The Republic of the Maldives, the pristine Island Nation located in the Indian Ocean.

The Maldives was always on my bucket list to travel as a budget traveller to explore the places and sit by the sea or do any sea adventures in one of the lowest countries in the world. Maldives maximum sea level height is around 1.5 meters, which has made most of the cottages, resorts and other places to stay on the surface of seawater, which in turn makes a good place for a honeymoon.

As soon as I was made up by my idea of visiting the Maldives I did some background checks and planned my vacation.

Typically, Indian Travelers do not need Pre-entry Tourist Visa for the Maldives as a free Maldivian visa will be valid for 90 days soon after arriving in its capital, Male. The Currency of Maldives is Maldivian Rufiyaa which can be purchased once we enter the nation.

There are several airlines which provide services to Maldives of which a trip from Bengaluru (BLR) will be cheaper and cost efficient to travel to the Maldives if you book early a round trip will approximately cost around`15000 or around $217.

Before booking flight tickets do check out where you want to stay in the Maldives as the resort provides pick up and drop services from the airport once you land, generally, the resorts do have seaplane service which needs to be paid as it is dependent on the distance from the resort which you are staying. If you want to try seaplane experience and it is a must as I recently did its best way to sea some of smaller islands of Maldives.

There are 12 Airports in the Maldives of which 4 are International Airports and 8 domestic airports.

Velana International Airport (VRMM) situated in Hulhulé, Male is the main international airport situated in North Atoll of Maldives region and is one of busiest airports in the Maldives. Hence before choosing which International Airport to be booked check the distance between the place of stay and airport so that you can avoid any surcharges on pick up and drop facility and also you can enjoy the day as soon as you land on the island.



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  1. since I have been writing about the Maldives here, it has been my desire to go see how everything is on there. I just hope I will someday be able to make this dream come true.

  2. Wow MacroTraveller…. I’m just feeling the experience you had during your visit to this wonderl artificial island. Nice view.. thanks for sharing with us!

  3. It’s sad sometimes that the Maldives is overlooked by tourists and would rather go to the Caribbean or some Mediterranean getaway. It is a pretty little gem all by itself that deserves all the recognition an recommendations it could get from people who go there as tourists or travel bloggers like you.

  4. I wasn’t familiar with Maldives until I started going through your articles.. its a fun place to have fun although I need a bucket load of cash to travel to this place,I guess its worth my while

  5. Looks like a great romantic getaway and friendly place for relaxation. It’s great that there are so many trips to choose from and that you can start your day in the sun enjoying the warm air. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The island don’t just offer beautiful places. It also has adventure experiences that you will look forward doing. Thank you for letting us experience Maldives through your articles.

  7. Family get together will be so cute in the Maldives, not with all these nice places they have and the environment’s ambience too. I love this region.

  8. You have been featuring Maldives a lot lately and I love it. Not only does this enforces that this is a beautiful spot, you are also doing it a favor by promoting it and it deserves to be. Good job!!!

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