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True Flavour of Bengal at ITC Sonar | #MacroTraveller

ITC Sonar, a luxury hotel in Kolkata having a uniquely modern and sleek architectural design contradicting with the rich historical essence of Kolkata is nestled amidst acres of land, splendid with greenery, the sunshine, and water. This luxury hotel is en route from the airport and a 30-minute drive from the city center. A five-star hotel, with people expected at such levels inside the facility. The comprehensive facility with a full range of room, huge bathroom, lots of restaurants, beautiful interior garden.The hotel staff welcomed #MacroTraveller with shawl and flowers. I was amazed to see the hotel, and it was beautiful indeed. It was all well-decorated because ITC Sonar was celebrating 15 year anniversary.Then I checked into my room, and it was completely furnished, well-ventilated with all the latest types of equipment installed. Flowers and chocolates were waiting in my room when I took possession. The rooms are very spacious and very luxurious; the bathrooms are very innovative open design. Lighting in the room was excellent. I was impressed with the bedroom space, toiletries, bathtub and also a bath cubicle, very spacious wardrobe, TV size, etc. All the essential amenities like heater, the kettle was available in the place. The exterior and interior decorations in the room were charming. The service was excellent, and they were on time. ITC Sonar is a great place to stay and relax. ITC Sonar offers an experience beyond fine dining; in fact, it’s excellent in the range of ‘Frontier’ food, typically meats with accompaniments. I ordered what turned out to be their signature dishes. Come on, and I’m a vegetarian. Food at the Peshawari restaurant was excellent. Breakfast is more than sumptuous. The breakfast menu was very extensive, and the in-room dining options were great. Especially the combos for the individual diner. The chocolate shop serves delicious chocolates. The mini bar was well stocked. Dal Bukhara – If you haven’t tasted this, life remains incomplete. All this accompanied by Indian slices of bread in a remarkable ambiance with caring and dedicated service. The breakfast buffet leaves nothing to be desired, there are, as always, fresh fruit, lots of cereals, juices and sausage, cheese, etc. Everything prepared very presentable. Warm food will also be made on request. The outdoor pool is an almost Olympic size and is attached to a luxury spa, a health center, and a gym. ITC Sonar has a great swimming pool and gymnasium area. The water bodies (Swimming Pool) in hotel add more to its attractiveness with lotus blooming. The highlight is the lotus ponds with lots of golden and ivory fishes. From every room, Lotus pond is visible which a panoramic view, don’t miss. Special thanks to the management and their team which enabled to make my stay memorable. ITC always prove its brand through its hospitality. Love to be there again and again! MacroTraveller would highly recommend people to come and taste the authentic culture of Bengal at ITC Sonar!



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  1. Wow, you really had a nice stay at ITC Sonar luxury hotel. The images are breathtaking. Good that you were impressed with the food and environment and their services were topnotch.

  2. This is some journey you have here man. The food the place is awesome. I would love to spend a night on this.

  3. ITC Sonar is truly a luxury hotel,if one really want to pamper one’s self then checking in to this hotel will be the best bet.The environment and rooms are so inviting and the foods are really rich and freshly made.I know the hospitality and services are awesome.

  4. I love how you give the minor details that aren’t in most hotel review sites and the fact that you review the hotels based on your experience not assumptions. this ITC SONAR seems like a very amazing experience for you.

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