Udaipur – A Royal Treat For All

Udaipur, for any first visitor, always reminds of royalty. The magnificent forts, the gorgeous local outfits, musical evenings – it aptly matches up to its title of ‘Venice Of The East’. The ideal time to visit this beauty is between September and March when the heat during days is mostly bearable and the nights are comfortably cold. Whether you are traveling to get closer to your faith or you want a dose of adventure – Udaipur is the perfect vacation for one and all.

Udaipur, being home to most of the Rajput kings, is filled with heritage and luxury hotels that are worth a visit. Take the Trident Udaipur for example. A gorgeous property overlooking Lake Pichola and consisting of Bada Mahal – a wildlife conservatory – within the premises, The Trident is definitely worth the stay. But in case it seems a little out of the budget, ensure you book other Udaipur hotels in advance so you don’t bear the brunt of the seasonal rush.

You may not be able to cover all the glorious locations in the city in one visit, but if it is your first one – these five activities must top your itinerary!

The Cycling Tour

If you are a fitness enthusiast and are a fan of old-school transport, go for a cycling tour around the city. You will get to cover the important tourist sites like the various palaces, indigenous markets and of course, the mouthwatering cuisine at authentic eating joints.

A Heritage Walk

The City Of Lakes is a landmine of history with the beautiful palaces and forts dotting it. A heritage walk is the best way to cover these palaces and forts – from the City Palace to the Pichola Lake.

A Trip to Haldighati

The historic site of the battle between Maharana Pratap Singh and Raja Man Singh, this small town – situated about 40 km away – will engulf you with historical nostalgia. You can pay your respects to the cenotaph of Maharana Pratap Singh and his famous horse, Chetak, as you soak in the serene views.

Go Shopping

No vacation is incomplete with a dose of shopping, and Udaipur is no different. Home to some of the best indigenous art and craft techniques, don’t forget to visit Shilpagram for an experience of all things exquisitely handmade by the locals.

Bash Some Dunes

Dune bashing is a fun and thrilling activity loved by automobile and adrenaline enthusiasts around the world. Experience the heady rush of off-roading on the dunes and indulge yourself in some wonderful local performances before you head back from a highly exciting day.

So, there you go! The Venice of the East is calling, but is your gondola ready?



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