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It has been named the most livable city in this 2018, which reflects the wonder we find ourselves in. Vienna is one of those places that catches you from the first visit to the point of getting into your skin and your heart. MacroTraveller tells you why.

Some cities amaze you, but which you would only visit once. Destinations of those in which you do not see yourself, where you do not fit, and although you appreciate their beauty, they do not end up connecting with you. On the other hand, there are also a few cities, not too many, that completely catch you and become yours, while they make you yours. Cities that you abandon reluctantly and thinking about the next getaway. A thought that in the most special cases takes you directly to imagine a whole life among its streets. What if you left everything and went to live there? That is a question that many of the travellers who visit Vienna every year repeat themselves.

The capital of Austria has managed to achieve the first position of the Global Habitability Index made every year by The Economist magazine, thus being the first European capital to achieve it. A milestone that demonstrates the quality of life enjoyed by the inhabitants of the city in every way. In fact, if you have had the opportunity to visit it, we are convinced that you have been left wanting more and with the feeling that it is one of those places where you would not mind moving.

Its beauty is undoubtedly one of the culprits that have reached that Top 1, but it is not the only one. To begin with, one of the aspects that most value those who live in Vienna, as well as the travellers who visit it, is the enormous security that exists in its streets. You can walk around the Austrian capital practically at any time of the day, and you will not feel uncomfortable or insecure at any time. The crime rate is really low and, besides, it is lucky not to have suffered any major catastrophe or terrorist attack in recent years, something that cannot boast other major European cities.

In addition to this, we must bear in mind that the cultural offer of Vienna is so rich that it can even be difficult to imagine. We are talking about a city in which music, art, and history play an important role and are present in the lives of its inhabitants since they are children. Without going any further, every summer the town hall square becomes a strategic point where, thanks to a large screen and comfortable seating, you can enjoy the cinema and cultural shows from all over the planet. Every day, the square is packed with people of all ages, who enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and a different evening.

As if this were not enough, Vienna can boast of having some of the most spectacular parks of the continent, as well as areas where nature is the protagonist and are not far from the urban core. In short, a city that has everything. And not only in this sense, but also in a more spiritual sense. Walking through its streets, visiting its most touristic places and also the most unknown, you will notice that it breathes a different atmosphere, it is a city that transmits freedom and a peace that few places in the world are capable of transmitting. That is why you should visit it, but you will run the risk of never wanting to leave it.



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