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Visit to Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

When you land in the Middle East you want to explore Dubai its malls, hotels and other magnificent structures. However, for a speed fan, there is a must-visit on his/her list and that is Ferrari World situated in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is around an hour ride away from Dubai and your adrenaline will be pumping while taking the ride to Ferrari World as you can’t express your emotions.

Situated in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Ferrari world offers you high-speed rides and amazing roller coaster experience for adrenalin junkie. There is free shuttle bus service from Dubai from Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall and Deira City centre to Ferrari World Theme Park.

Opened in 2010 this leading theme park in Abu Dhabi is where you have to forget your fear of speed and enjoy the activities such as


  • Driving Experience where there will be a trained instructor who will teach you on how to drive Ferrari this includes a photo & video provided to you once you drive a Ferrari. To experience this you need to be at least 21+years of age holding a valid International Driving Licence.
  • Karting Experience – This timed experience is where you can explore 300-meter track in Yas Circuit where you can speed up and enjoy the karting fun ride.
  • Scuderia Challenge – This challenge will you make you experience how an F1 Driver drives in an F1 Circuit. This is a timed experience so reach early to grab the tickets, This has 3 levels of experience based on one’s height.

There are many Rides which are present in the Ferrari World where you can spend in this theme park. The rides include

  • Tyre twist – This family ride is where you hop in an F1 inspired tyre where you can twist, turn, crash against other tyres, children are also allowed here under adult supervision.
  • Flying Aces – This is one of the world’s highest roller coaster loop inclined about 51degree where it hits speed around 120kmph. This adrenaline-filled ride is where you don’t want to be if you are afraid of heights and speed.
  • Formula Rossa – perhaps the most visited ride in Ferrari park is Formula Rossa which is one of fastest roller coaster ride, this experience is exhilarating as the speed hits over 240kmph where you feel you are actually in an F1 vehicle zipping past other vehicles.Apart from these rides, there is experience related to Tyre Changing with a specific time limit, Turbo Track where you can experience zero gravity falls and for kids, there are GT experience and a Grand Prix races which makes one feel to be a kid once again.

Apart from Rides and Attractions, Ferrari world also offers shows where you can meet Ferrari world characters such as the mechanic, the camel etc also there is a cinema hall which showcases how the concept of Ferrari came into existence and a show which is showcased by street performance by artists in La Piazza show held daily at the theme park.

There are many diners situated in Ferrari World where you can try out Middle Eastern, Indian and European cuisines where you can have a scrumptious meal and enjoy the theme park.

They also have Car Display atGalleria Ferrari where there you can notice on many Ferrari vehicles from where it all began to where it stands now.

What better way to end a fun-filled the day at the Theme Park without any souvenirs where you can a piece of Ferrari home where you can get jewellery, memorabilia and authentic collection of Ferrari products to your home.



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  1. A trip to Abu Dhabi is not yet complete without visiting the Ferrari world…their is a whole lot to explore..nice write up

  2. Ferrari World theme park in Dubai have me amazed and I’m a lover of good things. I love everything about the place. Thanks MacroTraveller for sharing ?

  3. Somehow I am not surprise that this gallery is here. For one the Middle East seems to be fascinated with luxury cars. Not to mention they have the wallet to buy these. None the less it is amazing sight to see.

  4. The place is amazing! The aerial shot itself was gorgeous! Good thing you showed it first and so it builds the excitement of the whole place. This should be a must see for both automobile/racing fans and non-fans.

  5. If ever I get to experience this for once in my life, then this is the most unforgettable experience I will have for sure. From the way to the place itself is filled with fun.

  6. Who wouldn’t like roller coaster ride in Ferrari world. This is already in my to do list. Will really need this visit for the Xmas season.

  7. Oh this is really great, definitely a must see for Ferrari fans around the world. Abu Dhabi certainly is an amazing destination.

  8. Oh this is the Ferrari world my friend was talking about. This post has really ginger me to think again about visiting the place. My friend has been going on and on about how lovely this place is. Will need to check it out.

  9. Wow, the Ferrari world in Abudabí looks, exciting, very colorful and adventurous. Your pictures are wonderfull and make me wish to visit the place.

  10. You can’t argue with the looks. It’s an amazing place to visit and by the view of the photos, it will absolutely amaze anyone.

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