Visit to HEP Five Ferris wheel in OSaka

HEP Five located in Osaka is one of tourist, especially youngsters paradise. The HEP Five has restaurants, shopping stores and amusement wrapped all in one place. Here you can buy local products, also try out some Japanese cuisine dishes, try out the gaming area where you can try your gaming skills and finally take a ride on the Ferris wheel altogether at once.

Located in Kakudacho, Kita-Ku, Osaka, HEP Five is just 3-minute walk from Osaka Umeda Station. It boasts Kita’s famous recognisable symbol, a bright red Ferris wheel. Upon entering the building you would be greeted by 2 huge red whales an art by artist Tatsuya Ishii.

The shopping complex boasts over 170 apparel stores and boutiques targeting the younger audience. If you are looking for bags, shoes, jewellery and other fashion related accessories then this is the place to go, the stores are present from 1st to 6th floor complete with various fashion-related shopping stores. On the 7th Floor, you have an option to try out various Japanese and International cuisine at the HEP Five Food Bay. There are restaurants, cafes and many fast-food restaurants. And on the 7th floor is the main attraction of HEP Five.

HEP Five Ferris Wheel is located on the top of 7th floor of the building, this is a main piece of attraction at the building where you board the wheel from 7th floor. The ticket price costs around 5US$. The operating time is from 11:00-22:45hrs which is the last boarding time. The Ferris wheel is 75 meter in diameter and has 52 – four-seater gondola. To complete 1 complete circle, the wheel takes around 15 minutes. At the highest point of the wheel that is around 106 m above ground, you can view the entire city where you can reach your views till Mount Ikoma. You can click photographs from the top and experience the thrill of viewing the city at this height.

The Gondolas is enclosed and is air-conditioned during summer weather and heat cased during the winter season. They also have audio jack present here where you can plug your phone and play your favourite songs on the go.



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