Visit to Umeda Sky Building and Floating Garden Observatory in Osaka, Japan

Osaka may be less touristy compared to Tokyo, however, it does have many sightseeing places where you can spend your day exploring this beautiful city. What better way to see the city from far and above than visiting the Umeda Sky Building.

Umeda Sky Building is one of the highest building located in Osaka. The Umeda Sky Building is two skyscrapers that are interconnected. The main point of the visit is to see the Sky Garden situated on the top of the Umeda Sky Building.

The distinctive tower, Umeda sky building is a must-visit place in Osaka. You can notice how high and sprawling two building tower interconnected with a circular construction called Sky Garden. The garden is just a name and there are no plants or shrubs located here. The towers are both 42 stories high with a space created for the garden. You can take an elevator and go above up until 35 Level. Going above you would notice the buildings shrinking in size. Later you need to take a glass elevator to level 39 from where you need to purchase tickets to visit Level 40.

Level 40 has the Observatory; this is called the Umeda Sky Garden where you can notice the 360-degree view of Osaka City. On a clear day, you can notice the city as far as Awaji Island. At 170m high the view from the observatory is panoramic and photographic. However, as the observatory is open-air, expect a long of wind power where your things might be blown away.

You can have food here at Umeda Sky Building where you can have well-balanced meals at Sky 40, the Sky Lounge Stardust, Sangu a Chinese restaurant. At the basement, you can try out a hearty meal at Takimi-Koji. The building also has a cinema theatre called Cine Libre where movie buffs can watch a movie.

The Observatory is open from 09:30-22:30 hrs and costs 14US$ for adults and 6US$ for children aged 4-12. Children aged below 4 age can enter the observatory for free.




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