Vistara CV and Axis Bank Collaboration flaw and bad customer support

I have been using Vistara Airlines since 2015 and have been a loyal patron so far that I have a Club Vistara gold with 80,000 + Points as well and have travelled more than 50+ flights with Vistara and the services and hospitality has been of international standards that I have always been a brand advocate of Vistara even though as a blogger/influencer we haven’t collaborated yet.

The Team and support staff on social media of Vistara have always been helpful in solving issues and queries so far but lately since a year, I have been facing issues with them and also the way Club Vistara works.

What is the issue?

Club Vistara and Axis Bank have a collaboration where You get additional points from Vistara and also upgrade to Vistara gold and 3 complimentary business class tickets and on top, you get 3 more business class tickets over the year based on the usage and expenses on the card.i have been using vistara Axis credit card for last 2 years and have accumulated points and vouchers for business class tickets.


This is my vouchers usage till date with Club Vistara

The biggest issue with vouchers with Vistara is it is linked to your CV account but there isn’t any kind of mail or app notification given closer to the expiry of vouchers as its really tough to track the validity of each voucher separately and use it accordingly.9 of my vouchers have got expired like this which is a big deal just because i don’t get any notification of the expiry date and even after requesting the team to add this feature to CV customers, i have been facing the issue for more than a year.

Mr Sanjiv Kapoor COO of Vistara was kind enough to extend the voucher last year thru my request on twitter due to the genuine issue but the issue still persists and when I reached out to Vistara support on Twitter recently, they agreed they shall extend the voucher validity by 15 days and also asked for my travel details in Dec 2019. I had shared my preferred travel dates and I didn’t get any proper update from the team and on following up, they informed me now that it’s not possible and going back on their words, I lost 2 business class tickets and 3 more will expire soon in next few days itself. I can’t keep a track regularly to check if my vouchers are going to expire or not, Vistara should have a mechanism for that by mail or notification on app.

I am really disappointed now with both Vistara and axis bank service that I have decided to deactivate my card and also will reduce my usage of Vistara as earning points and business class tickets don’t have any value thanks to bad support.

There is no coordination between the support team that manages social media ORM and i had no other choice but to share and document my bad experience on my blog which I rarely do.






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