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Located in Yas Island next to Ferrari world, Abu Dhabi. This 15 hectares theme park is one of the largest indoor theme parks which has many rides and attractions. Built in the year of 2018 this indoor theme park has various rides and attractions which are inspired by Warner Bros characters such as Batman, wonder woman, looney tunes, tom & Jerry etc. In total there are 26 rides, shows and attractions which makes you spend the whole day at this theme park without any dull moment. This park opens every day from 10:00 to 20:00hrs and the rides start from 11:00hrs. There might be slight variation in opening hours during any festival time hence it is better to check before booking tickets to the park. There is an ample parking place for the tourists here and also they have valet services which help you rather than finding your own parking place. There are lockers present throughout the park which needs to be rented at guest relations counter.

Warner Bros theme park is situated in Yas Island and has many free shuttle services from Dubai. Located just a km and half away from Ferrari World, these two places are mostly visited tourist places in Abu Dhabi. Tickets are moderately priced with an option for Single Day ticket, a day ticket with option to visit 2 theme parks and 2 days 2 theme park tickets and annual passes. The pricing starts from $81 and goes up to $435 for annual pass ticket. There is a flash pass available for the ones who want to explore most of the rides quickly and who want to skip the queues.

MTTips: Buy tickets to the theme park online where you can get a discount of a certain percentage.

Warner Bros have categorized and divided the theme park into 6 different landscapes and are named as Warner Bros Plaza, Bedrock, Dynamite Gulch, Cartoon Junction, Gotham City and Metropolis.

Warner Bros Plaza– This landscape is at the centre of the park where there are art and decoration of old Hollywood and warner bros. There are plenty of dining options and shopping stores available where you can enjoy alongside your favourite warner bros characters.

Bedrock – The theme of this land is pre-historic stone age inspired by Flintstones character. There are various dining places and souvenir shops where you can eat and shop. Also, they have a Bedrock River Adventure where you get to meet characters from Flintstones.

Dynamite Gulch– The theme of this landscape is desert and outer space landscape inspired by the characters of Roadrunner, Marvin and Martian etc. In Dynamite Gulch you can find one of adventure ride: Fast and Furry-ous. There are many rides and attractions suitable for Family and also a souvenir shop present where you can get gifts while you return home.

Cartoon Junction– The theme is cartoon where you can notice your favourite cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry, scooby doo, bugs bunny etc while you are strolling across this landscape. There are many rides & attractions inspired by cartoon characters which makes your day fun and adventurous. With a plethora of dining and shopping places at Cartoon Junction, you would be confused about where to, what to dine and shop whilst trying out the games. Cartoon Junction has 2 shows with a duration of 30 minutes where you can experience a fun-filled action, comedy and music alongside many audiences.

Gotham City– Inspired by DC Characters like Batman, Joker. This theme park is filled with rides filled with thrill and adventure. This land has shopping and dining places themed after DC where you can notice most of them are themed after villains of DC. The gift shops present in this theme park offers many items and are named after many DC characters.

Metropolis– If you want to come close with your favourite characters of justice league, superman, teen titans then this is the place to be. Step inside Metropolis area where you can experience 5D rides battling out with justice league, flying experience with Green Lantern, Superman etc. The restaurants and gift shops here are themed after your favourite DC characters where you can purchase Super Hero bracelets, capes and masks. There are Photo-op places and newsstands where you can take pictures with your favourite character from Justice League to Teen Titans.

With over 20 rides and attractions based on t Family, Kids and Thrill experience you can spend the day in roller coasters, flying, and river experience. There are many diners here having multi-cuisine dishes, coffee and ice-cream places or for a quick grab and go places so that you can explore the park. Also, there are many souvenir shops in different landscapes themed after the place where you can get gifts to your beloved who likes the characters from Warner Bros. Finish your exciting day at the theme park with shows at various landscapes where you have comedy, music and exhilarating experience etched in your memory.



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  1. I love this post for its clear and neat photography view. The Warner Bros Abu Dhabi will be cool for me. The picture view shows the comics there will be fun with casino.

  2. A lot of people go to Abu Dhabi because their are many interesting places to visit..maybe I will be able to afford the trip one day

  3. This is just lovely, the pictures are just awesome and appealing. This can really a lovable place. Thanks for this site and always putting these posts together all the time.

  4. I love theme parks especially the decorations, it always gives me the excitement I need when I’m exploring it. Parks of this nature fan be used for various celebrations.

  5. I hsve known Warner Bros for their production of several popular cartoon series but seeing this now is wonderful. Thanks MacroTraveller for the post?

  6. As a huge movie fan, a visit to Warner Bros Abu Dhabi would be quite an experience for me. The amount of things to do and see is tremendous! I appreciate your sharing this 🙂

  7. I can’t believe they have a Bedrock themed park. It would be like paying the Flinstones a visit. This should be in everyone’s bucket list.

  8. The Justice League gallery really got me hype. I do not know if that is just a portrait or an actual recreation of the watchtower? I hope for the latter though, Never the less as a fan I approve of it.

  9. These buildings are amazing. I also like the pictures on the wall. Looks exactly the way they look in the moves. Great pictures here.

  10. Just looking through these pictures remind me of my childhood watching Warner Brothers cartoons. This is really such a must see destination for all Warner Brothers films and animation fans out there.

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