Wave House experience in Sentosa , Singapore

I will introduce Wave House on Siloso Beach of Sentosa Island. It is a restaurant & bar with a unique atmosphere along the beach. It is a recommended spot for people who like the sea who can eat there and enjoy surfing as well!

How to get to Wave House?

Wave House is located in Siloso Beach Resort of Sentosa Island. There are various methods, but the easiest way is here

1) To the Sentosa Express (Monorail) platform on the 3rd floor of VivoCity at Harbourfront MRT Station.

2) Take the monorail to the Beach Station

3) Take a free tramp to Siloso Beach from the Beach Station and get off at Stop 2.

Without getting on a tram, there is a buggy running for the guest at the Beach Station ⇔Wave House, so it’s a comfortable ride. Buggies are free, try your luck!

A view of the surroundings of the Wave House!

The front entrance of Wave House is a street where buggies and trams run, but the roads in Sentosa Island are entirely different from the center of Singapore where there is a lot of traffic and feel quite loose. There is just a resort atmosphere. Behind the shop is a scenic beach. As you can walk on the sand, I don’t recommend walking barefoot; use your sandals on the beach!

Wave House – Fancy Relaxing and Enjoy Restaurant & Bar.

Well, the introduction has become longer, enter the restaurant & bar. At the front entrance of the roadside, as the name of the shop, there was a surfing picture decorated. The interior is wood grain tones, and black are main, full glass faced. There is also a feeling of openness as you can hope for the beach directly from within the store firmly. I felt that the high ceiling also played a part in opening up feelings. Western cuisine is the main dish here. Fish and chips, sandwiches, tapas and so on can be enjoyed easily. In addition to dinner, there are many menus available for lunch and light snacks among surfing!

Of course, the interior is a comfortable air-conditioned space, but the most popular is the outdoor open space part. Perhaps many people think that they want to relax in such an outdoor area as they have come to the beach with a lot of hopes. In addition to this restaurant & bar, there is a small bar with a tropical atmosphere when you come out to the beachside. Even there, you can order snacks and drinks. It is a small beach bar with only a counter seat, so it’s a perfect atmosphere to relax away from the bustle of the city. There is a slightly more open feeling than restaurant & bar. You can enjoy beer, margarita, long island tea or ice tea and wine with sandwiches, fish, chips, and pizza & burger tapas.

You can also enjoy surfing – Surfers Paradise!

As the name of the store, you can enjoy “wave” of course. There is artificial surfing, and you can challenge surfing while receiving the instructor’s advice. With artificial waterfront, don’t be delighted! There is a lot of hydraulic power, and even substantial men can be swept away quickly if they break the balance. There are benches around, and you can also visit in a loose atmosphere.

There is also a shower after surfing!

There is a shower booth in the shop to wash you. This is unique to the beach area. Wave/house users such as restaurant & bar can use this shower. It’s a simplistic shower that removes dirt, but it’s nice to be able to use it freely after surfing or playing at the beach!

I have not brought beach & surf items! People who say, here

There is a surf shop Billabong in Wave House. T-shirts, swimwear and beach sandals and casual items and things necessary for surfing are available. Let’s buy a swimming suit here and play! That’s of course, bit costly. Items are ready for both men’s and ladies’, so please take a look and buy!

How was it? It is a recommended spot for those who want to enjoy on the beach actively. You can play plenty all day, so please visit wave house. That’s it! See you next time, #MacroTraveller!



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