We are nature and why is this insight so important!

Nature is something that can be found outside of ourselves, we are sheltered in space, and there is nature outside. Nature, are the flowers, the trees, the grass, a stream, the sun, animals, the air, the water, and the air that breathe because we are involved in this cycle, yes connected, because there is no separation. As well as we are, much more than just our physical body!Energy consists of vibrations!

Vibrations can be found in mechanics, electrical engineering, biology, economics and many other areas. As scientists have also found, using the EEG (electroencephalograph) notably slow alpha and theta waves noticed. This is the area between waking and sleeping and deep relaxation. So a relaxed wakefulness. This means there is a “brain state” in which you can be particularly creative.

The four elements!

Nature is energy, yes, everyone understands it best through solar energy, which we already know how to use as an energy source.

The sun, the light, the fire the energy of life.

The water, which we urgently need to survive and also belongs to our daily food, also generates vibrations, which we use in electrical engineering.

We need air to breathe, but it also generates vibrations which we also use as an energy source.

Our earth is our habitat that produces everything we need to live, as well as energy, such as geothermal heat.

I love to stop time and be in the here and now. For example, take a walk in a forest, on the riverside or by the sea. The scent of the fresh wind, the rushing of the leaves, the warming sun, the wind and the water will delight.

The Secret of Trees & Plants: Plants are healing medicine; trees provide shade and are the green lung of our earth.

It’s like in meditation, everything flows and is alive!

So I come in contact with my inner guidance, with the so-called intelligence of the heart. Out of this absolute inner peace, I can prepare myself wonderfully for the day.

The environment in which we live, work and, above all, live, greatly influences our well-being and even our destiny. Just as there are spaces in which every business gets into business problems, in some rooms our health as well as our love life can suffer. The key to our life energy is “energy,” that is the central message of Feng Shui!

Our physical nutrition!

Especially our diet does not just consist of food, because it is a constant process in which all elements are involved. As well as energy is an integral part of it. Through this process, we are either moving towards health, or we are moving towards illness, above all, we should realize that no one is in a static state of health or disease, because everything is in flux.

The good news, we can always change direction. As well as negative environmental influences that drive us towards illness, and positive ones that lead us to health. A healer can help you to change direction because you have to walk away yourself. Only through today’s conventional medicine, we have strayed from it.

Are people destroying the planet or just themselves and their environment?

Well, destroying in the sense of completely eradicating, human beings certainly cannot be our planet, at least not with the possibilities that it has today or in a manageable future period.

What man can do, however, is to destroy his habitat and his livelihoods, so that for this reason humanity may or may not be able to survive in whole or in part sooner or later, if not in the meantime other. For example, cosmic, circumstances get rid of the destruction of our planet, against which we could not protect ourselves!

The problem with the impairment of our environment is by no means our packaging waste, regardless of whether it is still produced or already produced; and paper bags, for example, are not more environmentally friendly than plastic bags, on the contrary!

The real problem of our earth is the population explosion on the one hand and the irretrievable of the most valuable natural resources of our earth, such as oil and natural gas and coal, etc. The fact that we do not solve our energy problem despite some promising approaches. Although that would be possible!

Burning Question?

Who grants us the right to exploit billions of years of natural resources, which should be common to all generations, in just a few generations – let alone how the world’s climate could change if all the carbon stored in fossil resources is returned to the atmosphere will be dismissed – if the climatologists are right?


Man does not destroy the planet, he only destroys the living space of all living beings and ultimately his own. Now, in the past, he has cut down forests, planted too much agriculture and livestock, and created deserts. Civilizations came and went with the environmental damage. As extreme, ruthless and fast as the human being today comprehensively deals with nature, he has never done it before.

This already leads to severe problems, to flight movements, wars and “natural disasters.” If I had children, I would seriously worry about it. I look at parents in our country, but I see nothing of it, on the contrary, after us the deluge.



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