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Beer lovers of Bangalore have another brand to chug now. Simba. Named on a whim after the adorable lion king, the beer was first launched in Goa and then, in Delhi. It now finds its way into outlets in Bangalore. #SimbaBLR launched at Foxtrot – House of Subculture!

Simba isn’t just another beer. It’s a craft which has grown by leaps and bounds. It betters itself with every batch, and it’s here in Bangalore. A worthy addition to the roster of brands on offer in this city, Simba comes in two variants as of now: the clean, crisp and mild Wit and the rich Espresso flavored Stout. With an MRP of Rs. 110 and 130 respectively for a pint, it promises good value for money. More variants will be launched soon. The beer is available in Madhuloka and many other outlets across town, aside from bars/pubs.



Simba would like to inspire you to say the word ‘cheers’ more often. It was great to be at the launch party last night at Foxtrot – House of Subculture in Koramangala. It was a delightful evening with the beer, friends and live music. 🙂  




Simba launch was surely a head turner in the city with Ishwaraj Bhatia baby Simba Beer debuted in the city with none other than my buddy John Eapen leading from the front. I liked the stout, and the wit was equally lovely too and good to meet the whole Bangalore crowd which is almost my first official appearance with #MacroTraveller 2.0 new look 😉 yes. Not many recognized me!

For sure Simba launch was one of a carnival. Hope Simba keeps up the focus and momentum after this healthy start. May the lion keep roaring! #RoarWithSimba #SimbaBLR



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  1. This will be a good piece of information for beer lovers. I don’t like beer brands though because I don’t drink them but nothwithstanding it will be delightful for some people in Bangalore.

  2. Wow, I wish I was in Bangalore I really do love beer especially the chilled ones or those with ice infuse in them. I know those that love beers will find this nice to gulped.

  3. Thank you for sharing the amazing experience! The bar looks fun to hang out with friends. Hope I can go there with my friends soon!

  4. It seems like a very tasty beer based on the smiling faces of all these people. Its interesting that its called Simba, which in my native language Swahili means Lion.

  5. I am not really a beer drinker but this brand is foreign to me. Where did it came from? Is it locally produced in India or is it from somewhere else?

  6. Love the name and that it comes in espresso flavor. I hope Simba goes international based on your description. Thanks for the review.

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