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One of the destinations that will make you travel back in time and feel like a fairy tale is undoubtedly Salzburg, in Austria, one of the most beautiful cities you can visit in Europe and the jewel in the Austrian crown. Visiting Salzburg is like visiting a large open-air museum, where nature and music are the protagonists. And as you know, this Austrian population was the one that gave life to the famous composer Mozart and, in addition, its streets were the stage chosen to shoot one of the most famous films of the last century: Sound Of Music.

If on your next getaway you want to enjoy a destination nestled in the full Austrian Alps and where you combine modernity with tradition, the city with nature and sport with culture, this destination is undoubtedly Salzburg.

Mozart’s Birthplace 

Whether you are a lover of classical music or not, one of the first things you have to do just come to Salzburg is to visit Mozart’s Birthplace. It is a large museum that opened its doors at the end of the 19th century so that all those interested could know what the house of the great composer was like, as well as some of the instruments that were key in the professional development of the musician.

Cathedral of Salzburg 

Another symbol of the city is its most important religious temple, the Cathedral. Its dome and its beautiful facade are the elements most photographed by tourists who visit Salzburg. You can access the interior and see how, despite the intense history that the country has experienced, the basilica remains beautiful to welcome all travellers.

Hohensalzburg Fortress 

An authentic gem that you can only visit in Salzburg, and one of the must-see monuments in Salzburg is this fortress, one of the oldest and best preserved in all of Europe. It was built at the end of the 11th century, and despite the passage of time, today you can visit its interior – practically intact – to see the decoration of its rooms with all kinds of pieces and medieval elements. It will be like travelling to the past!

Salzburg Museum 

If you are going to spend a short time in the city, you may prefer to spend time visiting other monuments, but the Salzburg Museum is the perfect option to learn the main characteristics of this beautiful town quickly. In a pleasant way, you will make a tour of its main attractions, and you will have a general view of the history that has taken place in recent centuries.

Hellbrunn Palace 

And if you can spend a little more than a day in Salzburg, we recommend that you do not miss another of the great essentials in the city: the Hellbrunn Palace. This large summer residence of the seventeenth century was built for Prince Markus Sittikus, and the most beautiful part of his journey is the environment that surrounds it. Undoubtedly, one of the most important monuments to see in Salzburg.

What to do in Salzburg? Some Cool Plans

Stroll through its old town

Salzburg is a city that has been considered a World Heritage Site, and no wonder. Its streets, squares, and buildings will make you travel to another time, and you will want to photograph everything. The Romanesque and Baroque architecture is the best example of how this city still retains its medieval character, so the simple fact of getting lost in its streets is one of the best plans you can make in your visit to Salzburg.

Typical food 

Breweries, pastry shops, typical cafes, more modern bars, elegant restaurants … In Salzburg gastronomy is a key element to end up falling in love with visitors, so on your trip, you should not miss this experience. If you are very sweet, you will not be able to resist trying some sweets that they created in honor of Mozart: the Mozartkugel (a kind of marzipan covered with chocolate). In addition, it is the gastronomic capital of Austria, in fact, in proportion to the rest of the country, Salzburg is the city with more haute cuisine restaurants. The perfect occasion to give you a tribute 

Route ‘Sound of Music’

If you are a fan of this well-known musical, you will be interested to know the locations where some of the most famous scenes of the film took place. You can do the tour on your own since the main ones are the following: the old Riding School of Roca (where the festival takes place in which the whole family participates), the Nonnberg Abbey, the Mirabell Palace, the Leopoldkron and the one in Frohnburg, the cemetery of San Pedro and La Glorieta (to represent the entrance to the Von Trapp mansion).

Salzburg Festivals

If you plan to travel to Salzburg in the summer, check previously on the Internet to check if during your stay you can enjoy one of its famous festivals. Up to 200 thousand people travel to this Austrian city to enjoy the 200 shows that take place with the arrival of the heat: plays, concerts, operas … A city that lives music and culture to the surface!

Salzburg is the fourth city in the country in a number of inhabitants and its good communications with the capital make it one of the favourite tourist destinations for visitors from all over the world who choose Austria every year as a holiday destination. If your trip is going to focus mainly on Vienna and you want to make a day trip to Salzburg.

To make the most of your trip to Austria and specifically your visit to Salzburg, we recommend that you take a good note of these suggestions. Make a list of all the things you have to see in Salzburg and enjoy this Austrian city on your next visit!






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