Wings of time, Sentosa

A visit to Singapore would not sound complete if you haven’t visited Wings of Time Show on Sentosa island. This permanent night show happens every day be it weekday or weekend. Located in the beautiful backdrop of beach this is one of a kind experience for all visitors and locals. With its signature background, this show is full of pyrotechnics, music and is accompanied by 3D vision. With its bright laser lights, water jets and fountains this show would feel you mesmerizing once you are seated to view this.

Wings of Time is the successor of Songs of the Sea which is based on the same platform of music, laser and 3D animation. Opened in the year 2014 this is based on the story of two teenagers Rachel and Felix where they help a bird-like creature called Shahbaz. Together with the audience they take the routes of Underwater, African Terrain and Silk road thus passing through various timelines.

Ticket price starts at 23SGD for Premium and 18SGD for Standard seats with a discount for senior citizens and Singapore citizens. There will be 2 shows daily at 19:40 and 20:40 hrs respectively. Show duration is 20 minutes each and to get there is easy with the nearest metro station is Harbourfront MRT Station or you can visit here by Sentosa Express Beach Station.

#MTTips – Book your tickets online so as to easily occupy seats rather than purchasing the tickets at the stalls. This is inclusive of Free Dining, gift and snack vouchers.

Tickets can be renewed at various kiosks situated at Waterfront Station and Imbiah Lookout.




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  1. Sounds like an epic show with dazzling pyrotechnics. It looks like you really have to see it to believe it with all the fireworks and 3D effects. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you MacroTraveller for this wonderful insight. Any visit to Singapore without seeing the wings of time is hmmmm. I would love seeing it someday whenever I am in that country!

  3. I have heard a lot of interesting things about Singapore..Time Show on Sentosa island is novel to me though.. Thanks for bringing this to light..a visit to this place wouldn’t hurt

  4. Someone once told me that it will be incomplete for me to make a visit to Singapore without visiting the Wings of Time Show on Sentosa island. Thanks for more enlightenment on this.

  5. This is a very interesting attraction. This will surely attract a lot of attention from tourist and even locals alike. I like that Singapore thought of this kind of display. I wish to see it for myself.

  6. Awesome pictures we have here. I have read alot about Singapore. It one country in my bucket-list of countries to visit.

  7. I wonder how it feels to see this amazing show. I bet chills on my spine wil come running down if I am to watch this extravagant show.

  8. In all my years of seeing Singapore I have never heard of this event until now. That said thank you for sharing. Another reason to see Singapore other than the Merlion he he.

  9. I have never visited Singapore it would be a pleasure to do that. visiting Wings of Time Show on Sentosa island will be memorable thing to do too. I will love the experience and fun too.

  10. I have been to Singapore before but I think there was no Wings of Time then. It was probably around 2010 when I went there. I would want to go back again if ever I have money for travel again.

  11. Thanks a lot for featuring this great place in this article. It gives you ideas of where to go upon visiting Singapore.

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