Wings of Time Spectacle at Sentosa, Singapore

The Wings of Time performed on Sentosa Island in Singapore is a new show of the evening that will be held as new song of the sea ends. Wings of Time is the song of the sea which ended on May 7, 2014, is replaced by light and sound newly being performed from June 17, 2014. It is a water night show.

Wings of Time is a night show directed by dramatic acoustic effects, special lasers, and projectors. The show has been made to reflect Singaporean culture as well, and we will go on tailoring the story.

Purchase tickets and go to Sentosa Island!

The primary way to get the tickets of Wings of Time is

1) Buy online at SISTIC

2) Buy online from Sentosa Island’s website

3) Monorail for Sentosa Island at VivoCity, just off Harbourfront MRT Station. It is three ways of purchasing at the ticket counter at the station (Sentosa Express).

It is also a good idea to subscribe online before traveling to Singapore, but for those who want to decide whether to go on the day or not, purchasing is recommended at the ticket counter at the monorail station.

“Wings of Time” shows are performed twice a day at 19:40 and 20:40. Especially since the performance of 19:40 is popular it is recommended to purchase early tickets!

#MacroTravellerTips: Direct buying on site is somewhat altitude, those who want to join the sightseeing tour not only “Wings of Time” but also Sentosa Island sightseeing will be more efficiently routed.

There is a venue of Wings of Time from the third “Beach Station” from Monorail Station (Sentosa Express) in VivoCity. On the way to the beach station, you can see the gigantic Merlion, and you will feel like Sentosa Island!

To secure a prominent seat, reach early to the venue!

A wing of time is an outdoor stage, and there are no roofs in the audience seats. A very open venue! There is a stage in the vicinity of the sea, and spectators’ seats are lined up towards the sea. The seats on the regular seats are not decided, so “the first come first serve.” To see the show directly in front of you, the seat near the center is recommended. Since the opening of the hall for the performance of 19:40 is around 18:30, it is better to enter the venue at that time and secure a seat right in front!

The seats in the front seem to have splashed splashing depending on the wind direction. If you are interested, please go to the back seat! The sunset time in Singapore is around 19:10 to approximately 19:20 throughout the year. Time to sunset, please wait and relax while watching the ocean. On sunny days you can see beautiful sunsets!

Beginning with songs at Wings of Time!

When the show began, a professor with a baton came to the center of the stage, and the class of singing starts. Students rushed out near the stage and gathered, and they started singing vigorously under the direction of the professor. I picked up my mind and challenged several times and managed to finally come up with songs with the hand-clapping of the audience! When the songs are complete with the audience’s clapping, the audience, and the stage will be united. Above all, the powerful singing voice spreading outdoor stage among these students was beautiful!

Show Synopsis – Prehistoric mysterious bird (Shahbaz) traveling with Felix and Rachel!

Here, the two students Felix and Rachel who had undergone singing classes will go on a journey beyond spacetime with the mysterious bird “Shahbaz.” You can see Felix and Rachel on the back of “Shahbaz” on the panel standing on the stage! Then, while riding on the back of “Shahbaz,” I travel together and spend a beautiful land and a mysterious time together with “Shahbaz.”

On the way there is a beautiful landscape of the destination on the stage, you can see Felix and Rachel enjoying the journey! And I cannot keep an eye on the powerful music and light, and the fireworks and fountains in one show that will be held one after another. At the end of this trip, could “Shahbaz” find his hometown? And did Felix and Rachel have real friendships? Please do check it with everyone’s show!

By the way, although this show is done in English, there is almost no part of the conversation, and it is shaped to follow the story with images. Please be assured that you can understand the story even if you do not understand English!

Approximately 30 minutes in the blink of an eye. The flashy fireworks are launched and the Wings of Time is over! Everyone gets away from the audience seating after the show, but when everyone moves at a stroke from the full seat, it will be quite a lot of people. Please be careful as the feet are not as bright as the daytime after sunset.

How was it? It is noteworthy as an outdoor show on Sentosa Island, a show that excites people coming from all over the world to Singapore. Please come and visit when you come to Sentosa Island. That’s it, see you again!



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