World Environment Day 2018: Beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day is a global event led by the UN Environment that takes place every June 5 in thousands of communities around the world. Since its inception in 1972, it has grown to become a global platform of public reach, widely replicated across the globe.

Each year, World Environment Day is organized around a theme and serves to focus attention on a particularly pressing issue. This year’s theme, No Pollution by Plastic, appeals to the population around the world in favor of a planet without contamination by plastics.

According to the UN, the celebration of this day aims to make us aware that we can change habits in our day to day to reduce the heavy burden of the contamination of plastics in our nature, in our wildlife and on our health. While it is true that plastic has many valuable uses, we rely too much on single-use or disposable plastic, and that has serious environmental consequences.

Some Data on Plastic Pollution!

  • Every year, the world uses 500 billion plastic bags
  • Each year, at least 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans, the equivalent of unloading a garbage truck every minute.
  • In the last decade, we produce more plastic than in the last century.
  • 50% of the plastic we use is single-use or disposable.
  • We buy 1 million plastic bottles per minute.
  • The plastic constitutes 10% of all the waste that we generate.

“The message of this World Environment Day is simple: it rejects disposable plastic. If you cannot reuse it, refuse it. Together we can chart the path to a cleaner and greener planet.” – Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the UN

Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change of India, host country of the celebrations of World Environment Day 2018 and leader in recycling, said: If each of us do at least one good action every day As part of our ‘green social responsibility’, there will be millions of good green works every day on the planet.

MacroTraveller Views!

If not us, who will? It’s our responsibility to keep our planet safe. Reuse or refuse. Together let’s change, together let’s conserve.

Stop littering and say goodbye to single-use plastic. Have a duty to raise awareness and promote actions in favor of conservation and the solution of environmental problems. Enough of the campaign, time to take action. I pledge to use plastics at a minimal level.





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  1. This is a good one,World environment day theme is just dear to my heart.I totally agree if a plastics isn’t reusable no need using it.Enough is enough with contamination of our environment with plastics.We need to keep our environment as green and clean as ever.

  2. those stats make me really sad, at my home Im always the one who is nagging about how many plastic bags we buy, but it cant be an effort that is merely done by the citizens, we need the political and industrial sector to help stop this madness of plastic production

  3. No pollution by plastics is a good theme for this year environment day.There should be a stop by people contaminating the environment with plastics. This is really a right step in the direction. The environment should be left healthy for all beings.

  4. This is one great thing for those who create the world environment day because reminding people of the earth for just one day will give a big impact on how to take care of our mother earth.

  5. This is an excellent cause. Doing simple things like bringing a carryon knapsack when you go shopping or getting a thermos or reusable water bottle are great ways everyone can make a small contribution to the environment. 500 billion bags is a shameful number and we gotta do more to counter it.

  6. I am fortunate enough to have friends who love mother earth more than I was. They used to force me to use reusable bag and container every time and everywhere, and I used to hate that. When I finally decided to follow their way, I regret not doing it much sooner.

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