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World Heritage Day is being celebrated worldwide. This day is special for the world’s monuments and historically important sites. This World Heritage Day is celebrated to spread awareness about the importance, safety, and protection of recognized sites in the form of World Heritage. The place of utmost importance for the humanity, which is preserved for future generations, is known as the world heritage site.Given the importance to all the peoples of the world, the conservation of irreplaceable natural and cultural heritage of whatever country they belong to. The aim of the World Heritage Day is not only to emphasize the importance of the heritage protection of the World Heritage Sites, but also to recognize them as a place of cultural encounter. Special attention is given to children and adolescents, whose interest should be awakened with age-appropriate events.

How ITC Hotels celebrates World Heritage Day?

The mission at ITC Hotels is to guide their guests on transformative journeys that touch their spirits and enrich their lives. Each of ITC’s properties is a unique expression of its location. ITC’s focus is on quality structures that are iconic, with a design aesthetic that captures the beauty of the destination. Each unique hotel is rooted in the traditions and distinct character of its locale.Framing itself as the destination authority, ITC Gardenia visualizes the brand’s mantra – Life is a Collection of Experiences. Let us Be your Guide. This is in line with ITC’s philosophy of WelcomArt under the aegis of Responsible Luxury of promoting local art, culture, and heritage to their discerning clientele.WelcomArt– Dedicated to nurturing India’s cultural heritage, ITC Hotels has a vast art collection at each property. Through its WelcomArt forum, the hotels’ Art Galleries feature the best of Indian contemporary art.

Local City Tour!

ITC Gardenia Bengaluru enabled a local city tour for their Long Stay Guests at ITC Gardenia on last Sunday, 15th March 2018. They planned this tour for their guests to unlock the heritage destination that Bengaluru is- to create an ultimate experience for them through treasured moments that they will cherish for a lifetime.The tour consisted of visiting places of heritage lineage including the Bull Temple, Cubbon Park, Vidhan Soudha, Bangalore Palace and the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan.

In a bold departure from conventional hotel experiences provided to their guests, ITC Gardenia frames its ensemble of being an iconic hotel with the photography of experiences, destinations, and passions of the brand to tell the story of a global explorer and deliver a personal approach to the brand.



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  1. Very interesting article, I did’t know about the wold heritage day but after seen this images and the wonderfull art from India Im not wonder about why so many people celebrate this day.

  2. This blog has been a cultural experience. I wish I was there savoring this. Kudos to ITC gardenia for this initiative.

  3. I am on the same boat. Who knew that there is such thing as world heritage day? That bull though looking sassy or what ha ha.

  4. I appreciate that you take time to go on a heritage tour. Today’s generation need this kind of tour because their knowledge of history and country’s heritage is slowly fading away.

  5. It was great of ITC Gardenia hotel to host its guest to a great tour on the world heritage day.The bull temple and summer palace looks great.I ‘m sure you all had a wonderful experience.

  6. Wow! Meaningful travels are those experiences that touched our spirits and enriched our knowledge with these historical sites.
    The future generation is lucky to witness these sites. Kudos ITC Hotels for being unique in making your guest’s stay more exciting.

  7. I love heritage, whether it be mine or someone else’s, it is nice to see culture being preserved and cherished. We should never lose sight of who we are or where we came from.

  8. It’s nice to know that there is such an event as World’s Heritage Day. I know that there are a lot of World’s Heritage sites that are in India. I’m glad that ITC hotels celebrate this kind of wonderful event.

  9. I love that you took your time to pay tribute to world heritage day. A lot of people don’t know that nowadays which saddens me and seeing you do it just really makes me happy. Thank you for the wonderful blog!

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