Zorawar Kalra’s new baby in Qutub, New Delhi : Bo-Tai

#MacroTraveller invitation to visit the newest restaurant in town that is the new baby of Zorawar Kalra and I must say lots of intricate details have gone into every dish and packed with flavors and presentation is top notch as usual. Another winner brand it is. Hiding out next to Qutub Minar is one of Delhi’s newest Thai gems. Bo Tai, Zorawar Kalra’s newest venture offers cafe styled seatings and bright lights – but don’t be fooled, the entire place is a Thai food rave!

In the lush greenery of Mehrauli and the beautiful monument of Delhi which is Qutub Minar. The place is full of mirrors. It is so beautiful and to not my surprise. This place oozed out beauty and gorgeousness from every corner! The modern progressive Thai cuisine in Qutub and by the initial observation bowled entirely by it! Their modern Twist thai food is something I’m going to remember for a long time. And I’m going to suggest this place to people who ask macrotraveller where to go for an excellent location with great food!

I started off with some drinks. I had the Full Moon, it’s a gin-based cocktail with strawberry and rose syrup, spiced vermouth, grapefruit, lime, orange syrup, pandan tincture with a handful of flowers set afloat and looks so beautiful with flowers. This is, without doubt, the most stunning cocktail in town. You can try Banana Pancake Trail— a mixture of tea infused rum, condensed banana, and hazelnut comes with a fruit mix to be doused in maple syrup that can be enjoyed as dessert too.


Coming to the food, I loved the warm corn, juvinile coconut, they were miniature but flavourful also the non-veg ones were amazing. They were a bit spicy, but I really loved them. I tried veg only.

I tried Wrenched Jackfruit with Red Curry Cream, the ubiquitous Asian fruit stuffed in a bao, throws up fantasies of a holiday in Thailand well-spent. Soft and delicate bao with a perfect Jackfruit filling inside and it is a dish mostly relished by vegetarians.

I had Water Caltrop– sweet cucumber steamed rolls. I also had a salad, it was so crunchy and crisp on the top and so soft and flavourful from inside.

I tried Smelted Rice Flour Dumplings, and it serves a taste of Thai culture. Dimsum was very good wrapped in rice flour with a well-balanced flavor of lemongrass. They were my favorite option in veg. Tamarinds, known as ‘sampalok’in the vernacular and most beautiful to eat and to use as a food flavoring. I loved it.


Grilled Vegetable with Haloumi
 was amazing. Brighten up the evening with this grilled vegetables and haloumi starter or side dish that’s a beautiful mixture of colors and textures. These pretty veggies are meant for entertaining. Don’t miss!

I had Green Curry with traditional Jasmine Rice, the aroma of the curry was as delightful as it’s taste and it was just so rich and creamy. It was one of the most delicious Thai curries I have had in India.


They have two types of desserts, the classic and the thai. Recommend you to try the Kabocha Custard and the Kaffir Lime Jelly from the classic menu. Kabocha Custard, sweet coconut custard is baked inside a hollowed-out kabocha squash. The custard dessert from the Thai menu is too good to be real, and the taste melts your mouth. Kaffir Lime Jelly – The fragrance of kaffir lime and lemongrass is teamed with the chili zing to make this wonderfully fresh and vibrant jelly. Jelly is reticent but one that stays with you long after.

Bo Tai is a must visit for most elegant and delicious food, impeccable service, great ambiance and fantastic time. Kudos to the team for pulling off such brilliant hospitality! Highly recommend! 🙂

Where| Bo Tai, 6/4, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli Road, Qutab Minar

Price For Two| INR 3,500



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  1. Bo tai is really a super tai food cafe with topnotch services.The dishes looks so appealing and inviting and worth stopping by to savour.The pricing for two in Bo tai for me is a standard price and pocket friendly too.

  2. I wanna experience dining in Bo Tai. The foods look so delicious! I love thai cuisines, so I think I will enjoy every food served there!

  3. To have a giant Bonsai in a hotel is cool. I have never been to India before. However, these are catching my attention.

  4. They all look so well-presented and appetizing! Great pics btw. I’m curious as to what Kabocha Custard and the Kaffir Lime Jelly tastes like, and judging alone from the review, I must immediately try out the Full Moon and the warm corn, juvinile coconut!

  5. This is really an exquisite place for Thai food lovers.The cuisines displayed here looks fantastic and you have rightly stated with a good customer service and amazing ambiance then Ta Boi is worth a visit.

  6. The food look delicious and mouthwatering. Good photo shots, Macro. And it makes your story more of something that we can easily relate to because you have put little descriptions on what each picture is.

  7. A wonderful place for the Thai food lovers. Fantastic cuisines and awesome customer service which will leave you spellbound.

  8. That’s some nice place! It would be very be fun to go there especially if the stomach is empty. Likewise, the ambience is welcoming as well as the staff. It would really be nice to go there sometime and eat the most out of the menu.

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